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Monday, April 18, 2011

Taylor Momsens Rep didnt alow reporters to ask about the comparision to Miley Cyrus

Taylor's pretty dang tame
Taylor Momsen may front a band called Pretty Reckless, but she’s becoming more canned than Spam, thanks to her publicist's controlling ways.
The 17-year-old struck the pose of a rock rebel when her group performed at the Music Unites in Tune Music Series at the Dominion NY venue on Wednesday night. Momsen dropped a litany of f-bombs, and encouraged female fans to come onstage, take off their bras and dance. One girl even went topless.
Yet at a press op before the performance, the former "Gossip Girl" actress' rep, Hillary Siskind, insisted on vetting reporters' questions for Momsen. She forbade us from asking about her bad-girl image or to compare herself to fellow teen performer Miley Cyrus.
We were allowed to discuss Momsen's music with her, and on that topic she was chatty but somewhat rehearsed — which left us wondering if her in-concert f-bombs were scripted, too.


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