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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miley fans unite to get Miley to one million followers by April 29th

Dear Miley fans of the world,

Miley fans will be taking over twitter just for a day or two. After twitter we take over the world..
Well not excatly.

Miley recently joined twitter agan (@).
A group of Miley fans are determined to help and TRY to get her a million followers by April 29th; the day her tour starts n Ecuador!
What YOU can do to help is:
1) Go on Youtube and post on all her music videos to follow Miley on twitter and tell them to thumb up it! Also thumb up other peoples who post it!
2) Tell people to retweet your tweet about having people follow Miley
3) HELP TREND FollowMiley WITHOUT the hashtag which is #. Just FollowMiley
If we get FollowMiley to trend, she will gain a numerous amount of followers very quickly!

Please HELP, and spread the word! We need EVERYBODIES help!

I totally agree with this. Are YOU going to help Miley to reach  1,000,000 followers again?

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