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Friday, April 29, 2011

Miley Cyrus Makes Surprise Visit to Lauren Alaina; Tells Her to “Just Do It For Yourself”

When Lauren Alaina belted out Miley Cyrus‘ hit “Climb” a few weeks ago, we bet the American Idol contestant had no idea she would soon meet one of her idols! Last night Miley paid a visit to Lauren during a visit this week which prompted Lauren to exclaim, “I love her!”

Lauren told reporters, “She was soooo nice! Miley gave me such great advice.” So, what exactly did the Hannah Montana star say? Miley’s advice to Lauren was all about keeping it real. “The most important thing you can do is just do it for yourself because you will always have mean comments and that’s never going to change.”

During their chat which included Miley’s comment that they have the same accent, Lauren sounded pretty psyched about meeting her idol. “I love her! She’s got the same sense of humor as me.”

In addition to the Miley excitement, Lauren also opened up about the random guy she brought onto the stage last night. Turns out, he wasn’t so random after all! “He’s an intern for American Idol,” she explained. “I don’t really even know him.” Interesting!
Reporting by Jennifer Birn

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