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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Miley Cyrus: "My fans are my ready for me."

The 18-year-old star embarks on her Gypsy Heart Tour later this month and is playing at a host of venues across South America and Australia. The singer-and-actress can’t wait to get on the stage and perform for her loyal supporters and has been thrilled with positive ticket sales for the shows.
“One of the venues sold out – 60,000 tickets – in something crazy like an hour so the fans are really ready for it,” Miley told the BBC. “The other day I was tweeting that I was sick and everyone was saying, ‘But you are going to feel so much better when you are on stage,’ so I was really stoked. It gets us all excited because we have all had a little bit of sickness going around – the other girls are dancing and running in heels on a treadmill right now to get prepared. So it helps when you get those kinds of supportive messages from people.”
Miley has faced criticism in America in recent months, with some people blasting her for partying. The star’s father Billy Ray Cyrus also sparked controversy after he admitted his relationship with Miley had become strained, adding that he regretted her appearing in television show Hannah Montana from such a young age.
It has also been reported the star is surrounded by negative influences and there are fears she could go off the rails.
Miley is glad to be getting away from her home country for a few months and feels disappointed that she has been the target of so many rumours.
“Right now America has kind of got to a place where I don’t know if they want me to tour right now or not,” she said. “I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America has done that for me. I don’t want to go anywhere that I don’t feel completely comfortable.”
Miley insists her relationship with her father is improving after Billy apologised for being so outspoken. He has also called off his divorce from Miley’s mother Tish and the family have been spending quality time together. Miley has revealed her siblings are desperate to join her on tour, but her mother is insisting that they must go to school.
“I think it’s good, you know, when you are on the road you have to make sure everyone is happy and knows how much you love them before you start travelling. My family is good and they are stoked for the tour – as long as I am happy they are happy,” she added. “They are really happy I am going on the road right now, all my brothers and sisters are ready to jump on, ‘We will just take off from school and go to South America,’ and my mom is like, ‘No, you won’t!’”

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