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Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Gypsy Heart Tour Secrets

The brazilian magazine Capricho revealed 4 ‘Gypsy Heart Tour’ secrets, according to them Miley will perform old songs and the concerts will last 80 minutes each, be sure you read all of the Gypsy Heart Tour secrets below:

Prepare Your Corazon

1 – The show will last 80 minutes long and about five or six costume changes. In addition to Miley and her band of musicians, the singer must be accompanied by a team of ten dancers. The promise is that the choreography of the show call our attention!
2 – Although the repertoire of the concert to be more connected to the album Can not Be Tamed, Miley should sing some of his old hits. 7 Things, Party In The USA, Permanet December, Kicking and Screaming and Stay are confirmed in the set list. The singer will also present some covers. Gypsy, Shakira’s, is in the list of possibilities. All about, right?
3 – The stage will have a central screen and its side platforms, where the singer must move. That is, it sold very close to the people! Miley’s team has also said it will stage more devouring than the previous tour, Wonder World Tour. It is rumored that the show should even have a show of fireworks!
4 – Hannah Montana fans will not be forgotten: During the presentation Miley will pay homage to his famous character and sing a medley of seven songs from the show. Will be “the Best of Both Worlds” even!

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