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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Read Mileys setlist/ hints gave by one of her dancers

Uploaded a new Gypsy Heart Tour poster; new pics from the photo shoot/rehearsals of the tour and also a "new" photo from the Marie Claire shoot that I haven't uploaded yet untagged + the fanpic under this post.
Make sure you click on every thumb (little pics above) cuz they take you to many different albums! Check out the pics above and and below read how Miley's dancer Myke Dee gave us some clues to Gypsy Heart Tour Setlist! ;)

"I wanted to figure out Who Owns My Heart because it Cant Be Tamed, so I took a Liberty Walk. Along the way I passed by a Party In The USA. I went in an saw a Fly on the Wall, took The Climb up the stairs, talked to a Robot who wanted to Take Me Along for a ride in his hoopty and I am Obsessed with hooptys! He wanted to find a real heart and I told him "I understand because My Heart Beats for Love". But then it was getting late and I was getting hungry and didnt want any hunger Scars so I had him take me home. As he left, the mechanical guy yelled "Just remember, Every Rose Has Its Thorn till I See You Again"! Whatever that means. The end." 



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