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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miley Cyrus Putting On The Greatest Show Ever In Ecuador

We have a report concerning Miles show in Ecuador. It is said that the show will be the largest ever for Ecuador.
Miley Cyrus will perform one of the greatest show ever seen in Ecuador. The stage is 52 square meters and over 178 moving lights, the largest and most spectacular ever mounted in Ecuador.
Also it is reported that Miley will arrive on Wednesday night to land in Ecuador and her demands for her dressing room is salad, fruit, fish, pasta.
Miley Cyrus was interested in knowing some sites in the countries she will visit during this Latin American tour, which  will begin in Ecuador, the producer said, “Miley is an artist who uses much of the energy issue and believes that Ecuador, being in the center of the world, will radiate these positive energies and strength she needs for her tour of Latin America.”
The translation is a little rough but you guy get the picture. Miles is going to tear up Ecuador.


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