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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hannah Montana Forever

I've just found an amazing support video about Hannah Montana.
I love it so much, I'll sure miss the show!
Make sure you'll check the video above

Miley Cyrus I love Rock 'n' Roll So Undercover Wrap Party!

New photos with fans

Photo credit to @msourcenet

Noah cyrus covers paparazzi

Miley in Never Say Never Advert

Miley,Jo Bros Mention on The Good Wife

Sunday, January 30, 2011

new photo with Kelly O

Photo credit to @msourcenet

Debbie Gibson And Tiffany Relates To Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato has not been the only teen stars to have meltdowns in their careers. It seems to happen to all teen stars that achieve quick fame. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were no exception to that and they say they can relate to the problems that Demi and Miley have been going through.

“I had my meltdowns then and still have them now, but I just do them in private,” Debbie says. Tiffany wholeheartedly agrees, saying if she would have done something like shave her head or smoke out of a bong during the height of her career, there wouldn’t have been paparazzi or camera phones waiting to capture her every stumble.

“In LA, the difference now is that everything is right out in the open,” Tiffany explains. “The barometer is different now. Before, if we would have started having all of our meltdowns in public, it probably would have ruined our careers. It wasn’t entertainment at that point.”

So Miles and Demi are not alone in this and they seem to have a lot of people supporting them in their efforts to change and it seems like Miles and Demi are doing just that.

What are your thoughts?


Miley Cyrus FINAL So Undercover Scenes

From Sophie: I go to Tulane University and Miley Cyrus has been here for the last 4 weeks filming for So Undercover. Today she has been on campus filming some of the final scenes for the movie.

Source: oceanUP

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miley Cyrus among celebrities captured on canvas in Richard Phillips' latest exhibition

Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus are three of the celebrities to feature in Richard Phillips’ latest exhibition Most Wanted.

The artist chose ten famous faces to feature in the exhibition, which focuses on the celebrities’ ‘capacity to dominate the celebrity media outlets with the published details of their public and private lives.’

And instead of just painting the stars faces straight onto the canvases, Phillips decided to use the logos of luxury brands behind them to represent the world’s obsession with wealth.

Most Wanted opens today and runs until 5th March at the White Cube Gallery.

New photos with fans

Friday, January 28, 2011

Miley on the cover of a Dutch magazine

AOL's Hottest Music Stars Under 21 List

Miley Cyrus:
Age: 18

Miley Cyrus has never been one to ride on the coattails of her famous father, Billy Ray. In fact, it's quite the opposite -- the 'Achy Breaky Heart' singer co-starred on Miley's Disney show, 'Hannah Montana' -- which shot the 18-year-old into her own musical success.

Why She's Hot: Like Taylor Momsen, Miley is constantly making headlines for her "risque" behavior.

What's Up Next: With her Disney days now behind her, the possibilities are endless.

Essential Listening: 'Party in the U.S.A.

To see the full list, click here

New photos with fans

Miley On So Undercover Set.* - Mileyworld

Adrian Grenier & Jeremy Piven Talk Entourage, Exotic Dancing & Miley Cyrus!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miley is one of Entertainment Tonight's Hottest 25 Star Who Are 25 & Under

Entertianment Tonight has come out with their ” Hottest 25 Stars Who Are 25 & Under”, and some of our favorites made the list!

Rob Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe, Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Dakota Fanning, Shia LaBeouf, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Rupert Grint, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin.

To see the full list click here.

This has to be by far one of the weirdest complied list ever.

What do you think of the list?


Webcam catches Miley Cyrus movie 'So Undercover' filming live in the French Quarter

"So Undercover," the Miley Cyrus movies that has been shooting in New Orleans for the past few weeks, won't be in theaters for months -- but you can watch it happen live right now on your computer screen.

0126 miley cyrus so undercover.jpgThe Miley Cyrus movie 'So Undercover' shoots atop the Windsor Court hotel in New Orleans on Jan. 26, 2011.

It seems that the movie's set atop the Windsor Court hotel is within perfect viewing distance of's French Quarter cam, which streams live images of the Quarter around the clock.

Check out the French Quarter camhere. I'm told Miley is in a gray jacket.

Directed by Tom Vaughan and co-starring Jeremy Piven, Kelly Osbourne, "So Undercover" is about "a tough, street-smart private eye (who) is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority," according to the movie's IMDB blurb.


“So Undercover” starring Miley Cyrus. Filming is underway right now. Casting directors are looking for HISPANIC TALENT

Hispanic Talent: Casting Directors Are Looking for You to Star in “So Undercover”
Dear Young Billionaires Club International Inc.,
Today only we are offering the chance to become famous in the upcoming feature film “So Undercover” starring Miley Cyrus. Filming is underway right now. Casting directors are looking for HISPANIC TALENT JUST LIKE YOUR SELF RIGHT NOW: Expires soon: APPLY NOW!

You fit the profile perfectly for this part, so we are offering you access absolutely for you.

Do NOT miss out on this opportunity. This part will be cast shortly.

All you need to do is click right now.

Brandi Cyrus calls Miley Cyrus - UStream - 1/25/11

Brandi & Miley are so sweet!
Make sure you'll check out the video above

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miley's new movie 'wake' will be produced by Paramount/MTV Films

The Gotham Group has promoted Luke Sandler to manager in its literary division.

Sandler, who has worked for Spyglass Entertainment and Warner Independent Pictures, will rep film and TV writers and directors, as well as sell film rights to Gotham’s voluminous library of books and graphic novels. At Gotham, Sandler has acquired the literary comedy Unexpectedly Milo, as well asRed Moon, an action series proposal currently being auctioned.

"Luke's astute eye for emerging talent and his deft sales instincts make him an invaluable addition to our literary division," said Gotham CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein.

Sandler was a story editor at WIP, where he worked on the projects Darfur Now and In The Valley of Elah. Prior to Warner Independent, he was an assistant at Outlaw Productions, where he worked onThe Santa Clause III and Breach. A Brit, Sandler early on worked in the London theater industry as a runner at the Royal National Theatre.

The Gotham Group is currently producing the Lionsgate thriller Abduction, which hits theaters in September. Also in development are Wake, a book adaptation at Paramount/MTV Films to starMiley Cyrus; the 3D CGI adventure Quantum Quest; an adaptation of the graphic novel Ghostopolisat Disney with Hugh Jackman attached to star; and The Family Hitchcock, an adaptation of a forthcoming book project set up at New Regency.

On the TV side, the company produced the American version of the Aardman Animations UK seriesCreature Comforts as well as the Sesame Workshop’s Elmo’s Christmas Countdown.


Fans hang out with Miley on So Undercover set

By the time he was 7-months-old, Daymon had already undergone three surgeries for spina bifida. Children born with this condition suffer from different degrees of paralysis, ambulatory problems, loss of sensation and deformation of the hips, knees and feet. He has had 10 surgeries on his feet and had a rod placed in his back. He cannot walk or feel his feet, and relies on a wheelchair for movement. When Daymon turned 12, he endured a surgery to remove the rod in his back and put in a more permanent device. He may also have to have surgery on his hip in the future for his scoliosis, a condition that has curved his spine. In addition, Daymon also has hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull. To relieve pressure from the fluid buildup, doctors placed a shunt in Daymon’s skull.

For his wish, Daymon wanted to meet his idol, Miley Cyrus.

Daymon and his family were flown out to meet Miley in New Orleans on the set of her new movie, So Undercover. After the limo ride to the church where the movie was filming, Daymon and his parents were waiting before the meeting and actually ran into Miley in the hallway! She greeted Daymon like a friend and hey talked for a bit and then re-met a bit later, continuing their conversation. Daymon even brought Miley some gifts, including a pink teddy bear that Miley loved and named “Pinky.”

“It was the best time of my life,” said Daymon.


Miley Cyrus Thanks Her Fans For 10 Million Facebook Likes

Miley Cyrus facebook fan page reached 10 millions likes!Miley thanked all her fans by leaving a message on her page.
Photo credit to @disneyinfonet
Click to the thumbnail to see full size.

LOL doesn't have an official release date or a release date for the trailer yet

Photo credit to @milesupdates.
Click on the thumbnail to see full size.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miley filming in the rain on So Undercover set

Demi Lovato Watched The Hannah Montana Series Finale

According to a report, Demi Lovato and her family watched the series finale of Hannah Montana last Sunday. It was not stated where they watched it from but we are assuming that it was from the treatment facility. Dianna is quoted in this report as saying that Demster has always been a fan of Hannah Montana and would not miss the finale.

“Demi has admired Miley Cyrus and will always admire her. Of course as a big fan of Hannah Montana I do not think she would miss the series finale.” Dianna is quoted as saying.

We have a tweet from Dianna’s Twitter that may partially verify that Demi and her did watch the finale together.

Aww!! Demster may have cried when Hannah ended. Regardless of whether the intial report is true or not we are sure Demster was able to watch the finale of the show at some point. What are your thoughts?

Update: It appears that we may have misinterpreted Diannas tweet. We are being told she was referring to Maddie and not Demi in this tweet. We appologize for our error. The source did state that Demi did watch the finale to Hannah.


Demi Moore LOLs With Miley, Chokes Ellen Barkin

I'll get to Demi Moore talking about Miley Cyrus in a second, but first I must tell you about Mrs. Ashton Kutcher choking Ellen Barkin.

Yes, choking...

MORE SUNDANCE: Inside James Franco's Three's Company party

In Sundance Film Festival favorite, Another Happy Day, Barkin stars as Lynn, a distraught mother of four trying to cope with her extremely dysfunctional family, including a cold-hearted mother (Ellen Burstyn), a drug addict son (Ezra Miller) and a daughter who cuts herself (Kate Bosworth). Moore plays the wife of Lynn's physically abusive first husband (Thomas Haden Church).

In one volatile scene, Moore ends up pinning Barkin against a wall with her hands wrapped around her neck. It took about five takes to get it just right.

"We had so much fun," Moore admitted to me last night at the movie's premiere party at Silver restaurant. "We were laughing."

Barkin said, "You know, I trusted Demi would choke me in a very lovely delicate way."

But get this: Church is the one who ended up getting injured while shooting the scene. "Demi wrapped her legs around him, and he said her legs crushed his ribs," said Barkin, who's also a producer of the film. "I said, 'It's always the guy—the big, macho, muscley guy. Like there's little tiny Demi and me and he's hurt?' I'm like, 'I got choked and I'm fine.'"

Meanwhile, Moore told me she and Cyrus became quite close during the filming of LOL, a comedy in which they play mother and daughter.

"She's adorable," Moore said. "I love her. We text all the time still....She's a great girl with a great heart."

Also at last night's party was the film's 25-year-old screenwriter and first-time director Sam Levinson and stars Miller and Bosworth along with costars Daniel Yelsky and Michael Nardelli.

P.S.: For all you Broadway fans out there, Barkin also told me she's set to costar this spring in a revival of The Normal Heart, the semi-autobiographical play by Larry Kramer about the early days of the AIDS epidemic.


Pravo, Twist and Pop star magazine

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Miley Cyrus Costar: 'She's Made Me A Big Fan'

Miley Cyrus may get some bad press from time to time, but her So Undercover costar Thomas Jane is calling them out.

“Don’t believe any of that bulls–t!,” the actor, who portrays Miley’s dad in the upcoming film, told EOnline. “She’s a real classy lady. And that will be proven over the years. She’s a wonderful girl.”

Thomas continued, “She’s just really made me a big fan. She treated her like a real friend and my daughter [Harlow Olivia] was super impressed.”

So Undercover, also starring Megan Park, Kelly Osbourne and Jeremy Piven, is expected in theaters later this year.

Source: justjaredjr

RUMOR ALERT! Bruno Mars, The Script, Boyzone, Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus To Perform in Singapore

Over the week, in between drinks with my friends at a cafe whilst playing with my iPhone, I caught wind of yet a few rumors which could have made me choke if I were having my dinner instead – the talented Bruno Mars MAY drop by Singapore while on his Asia-Pacific tour in April.

And then there are MORE RUMORS!

Apparently, Irish band The Script is rumored to perform in April as well! There are also rumors that Avril Lavigne, Boyzone and Miley Cyrus will perform in Singapore too!

If these rumors are true then that would be a very exciting 2011 for Singapore fans indeed! REMEMBER these are only RUMORS (though we are certain one of the acts is most likely confirmed) – so as soon as we receive any official news, we’ll let you know!


New Miley & Max Azria Clothing on Sale at Walmart:

Click here to order!

So Undercover wrap party

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miley Cyrus Wants You To Tweet To Help End Negativity Online #negativecyberspace

Miles and Dillon Matyaba are currently waging a campaign againt cyrberbullying. Cyberbullying comes in many forms and can include threats to a person, unfounded allegations against a person (personal experience with this one), and negative comments sent to a person such as name calling or cursing at them. All of this is cyberbullying and Miles wants to put an end to it.

She is asking for your guys help in this so she can help educate the people on Twitter (and most of them sure need that education including some Disney stars) about this and to help put a stop to it. All you have to do is to tweet #negativecyberspace in your tweets so Miles can get it trending.

Do you guys want to end the stupidity on these sites of cyberbullying? If so then help Miles trend #negativecyberspace. Miles will thank you for it.


Miley Cyrus to star in Never say Never?

According to imdb, Miley will be in Justin Bieber's movie Never say Never 3D.
I'm not sure if the source is truthful or what.
For more information, click here

Miley Cyrus Is Working For The Weekend

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Rock Mafia (Tim James) Interview on Ultimate Radio

Miley Cyrus gives yourhoroscope

Miley Cyrus On Stage At So Undercover Wrap Party

Thanks x0LifesGood0x and @OzMileySupport

Hannah Montana’s Longest ”Say What?”

Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana is well known for the past 4 years for her ”Say What” phrases.Well the production of Hannah Montana kept a suprise for us in the last episode called Wherever I Go with the longest phrase of Say What? ever!

We are wondering how Miley managed to remember all those words!Don’t you agree?

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus Are NOT Back Together

A number of outlets are circulating the rumor that Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus have reunited.

Miley’s parents filed for divorcein October.

By December, there were already (totally wrong) reports of the couple being “back on.”

The new rumor is no more accurate.

Gossip Cop has confirmed with sources that there’s been no change in Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus’ status, and there’s been no reconciliation.


So Undercover behind the scene

For more pictures, click here

Miley Cyrus Salvia Bong To Be Sold For $70,000?!

A few weeks ago we told you about how the guys who own the bong Miley Cyrus smoked salvia out are putting it up for sale, and now we've learned just how much they have been offered and by whom!! has obtained exclusive documents (CLICK HERE to view them) that show that a deal is currently being worked out between and the guys who own the bong.

According to the paperwork, the college gossip website has offered the owners $70,000 for sole custody of the helix water pipe.

Meh, I still think our site's generous offer of $50,000, a new bong, a box of Frosted Flakes, and a few ounces of salvia, was the best offer on the table!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Acutioning off clothes

Miley will be acutioning off her clothes sometime in March on eBay!
Photo credit to @teamcyruscanada

Miley, 'Virgo Boys Will Discuss Feelings'

Nick Jonas is a virgo. Do you think Miley is talking about him?

Miley Cyrus Rare Shot Behind The Scenes Of Can’t Be Tamed Video Shoot

Photo credit to @disneyinfonet

Hannah Montana The Complete Series Coming To DVD

We have just found out that the entire Hannah Montana Series will be coming out in Nov. 15th 2011. Check out the ad and box cover for it above. There is no further information about this at this time, but we will keep you guys advised about it.

That is so cool and we are definitely getting it. What about you guys?


Miley Cyrus: “She’s a Real Classy Lady,” Says Hung Pal

It wasn't long ago that Kelly Osbourne defended Miley Cyrus against the haters.

And now, another of Cyrus' costars is speaking out.

What does Thomas Jane, who plays Cyrus' dad in the upcoming comedy LOL, have to say about the Hannah Montana starlet? Read on to find out...

"Don't believe any of that bulls--t!" Jane says of Cyrus' sometimes bad press. "She's a real classy lady. And that will be proven over the years. She's a wonderful girl."

Jane says Cyrus even became pals with his 7-year-old daughter Harlow Olivia when she visited the set.

"Miley was so sweet and nice with her," he said. "She's just really made me a big fan. She treated her like a real friend and my daughter was super impressed."


Friday, January 21, 2011

Miley Cyrus’ So Undercover Wrap Party

Miley Cyrus Attends Wrap Party For So Undercover 1/20/2010
Photo credit to @disneyinfonet

Miley Cyrus New Sym Products Commercial

Possible Movie Poster For Miley Cyrus’ Movie “LOL”

We have no official confirmation that this is the poster for this movie. We could not find anything at Lionsgate’s website showing any information at all about LOL at this time. We present this to you as a possibilty at this time and not an official poster. You have to admit it looks real good even if it may not be the official one. Besides that it has some real cool pics of Miles in it and that is worth posting at anytime.

Miley Cyrus Interview About Taylor Momsen Determined To Be Fake

A recent interview that was posted today by a number of gossip sites that has Miles talking about Taylor Momsen has been deemed a fake. Ken Baker from E! News took to his Twitter earlier in the day to debunk this interview as having taken place.

In further developments on this the site that posted this interview also was on their Twitter saying that they have come to find out that it was fraudulent.

Apparently this interview was sent in to this site, from our information, and Miley’s reps let them know it was fake but they posted it apparently before getting that confirmation. We do not mean to make this site look bad with this but we only present this to you as to what they are saying about it now . What do you guys think?

Credit to @x0LifesGood0x, @Milesupdates @disneyinfonet

More Pics From “LOL” With Ashley, Miley and Cast

For more pictures, click here

! Yoji Pop - Party In The USA : American Idol 10 Auditions !

Yoji “Pop” Asano recently auditioned for American Idol singing Miley’s Party In The USA. It’s quite funny! Make sure you check it out.

Exclusive information about "So Undercover":

1. The film opens in 2012, according to what they said on the set.

2. In the film all play a game called "Cornhole". The game consists of throwing a bag through holes on a board. Miley just have holed one through the holes. That's why she said "I suck" and had to start the whole scene again.

3. On set filming scenes at least 6 or 7 times that the director likes. They make many strategies in the background.

4. It has banned photos on the set due to the large number of things that were leaked online of the movie.

5. For the cars that would be used in front of the Luling Mansion in the Frat Party was asked not to be black, white or red.

6. Finished filming next January 24, not in February as had been originally estimated.

Credit to @MileyCDailyCOM

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bravo & Hannah Montana magazine scans

For more pictures, click here

Miley Cyrus "Breathe On Me" Leaked 2011 Demo

The clip above is rumoured to be a leaked demo of Miley singing “Breathe On Me”, produced by RedOne. From what I can hear, I like it! Make sure you check it out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Howard Stern Says He Likes Miley Cyrus

In an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, Howard proclaimed his admiration for Miley Cyrus saying he was a into her music.

“I like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. I don’t know I must have some weird tastes. I am actually into some of Miley Cyrus’ music,” says Howard Stern.

It isn’t weird Howard. You are a fan and you just have to have the courage to admit it. Be brave dude.

So what do you guys think of Howard being a fan of Miles? We wonder what it would be like if Miles appeared on his show. That could be interesting.

Adorable Noah Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus

Photo credit to @mcsourcenet and @disneyinfonet

HQ photos of Wherever I go episode

For more pictures, click here

New/old Miley so undercover set picture

Photo credit to AnythingDisney

Noah Cyrus Working On A Movie

We have been informed that Noah Cyrus is doing some sort of movie project. She is doing this movie project with Dillon Mutyaba which we reported earlier as doing a PSA with Miles. According to our reports they have tweeted back and forth hinting about it but not giving out many details about it. Dillon is said to have worked with Noah on a number of projects before so it would not be that far out there for them to be doing a movie together.

From the information we have it is being said that this movie is being pitched to Disney for them to pick it up put so far they haven’t. There isn’t any more information that we can find on this movie at this time but if we find out anything we will let you guys know.


Hannah goes out on a high

The series finale of “Hannah Montana” on Sunday was seen by 6.2 million viewers, leading to aDisney Channel ratings record.

“Hannah Montana Forever,” Miley Cyrus‘ swan song as her iconic character, was cable’s top telecast among children and tweens for the hour, and it was Disney’s highest ratings ever in total viewers in that time slot.

The show’s fourth season was the series’ most-watched in total viewers, and it recaptured the ranking of No. 1 cable series among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14, which it previously held in 2006 and 2007.

Are you going to miss Hannah?


"Hannah Montana" Series Finale Delivers 6.2 Million Viewers, Fourth Season is its Most-Watched on Record

Hannah Montana” Finale Delivers 6.2 Million Total Viewers,

Hit Series’ Fourth Season is its Most-Watched on Record;

Audience Built Each Season in Total Viewers and Kids 6-11

Comedy About an Ordinary Girl Living the Best of Both Worlds Ranked

as Cable’s No. 1 Series of the Year Among Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14

for 3 of the Past 5 Years

Hannah Montana Forever” Series Finale (7:00 – 8:00 p.m.)

After nearly 5 years and over 100 new episodes on Disney Channel, Sunday’s series finale of Hannah Montana” delivered 6.2 million Total Viewers, outperforming its record-setting fourth season average by 9%. The finale was easily cable’s No. 1 telecast in the hour among Kids 6-11 (2.1 million/8.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.0 million/8.3 rating) and posted Disney Channel’s highest ratings ever in the hour in Total Viewers and Kids 6-11.

  • The fourth season, titled “Hannah Montana Forever,” ranked as the series’ most-watched season ever in Total Viewers (5.7 million), Kids 6-11 (2.1 million/8.4 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.1 million/8.5 rating). In fact, the series grew its Total Viewer and Kid 6-11 audience each season:

  • Throughout its run of original episodes,Hannah Montana” ranked as the year’s No. 1 cable series among Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14 a noteworthy 3 times: 2006, 2007 and 2010.

Since its premiere in March 2006, “Hannah Montana” has triumphed in television, music, concert tours, books, DVDs, consumer products and films.

With themes spanning “express yourself” and “follow your dreams,” the live-action comedy series introduced typical teen Miley Stewart, who lives with her older brother and widowed dad, a songwriter. But unbeknownst to her friends and classmates, Miley has a secret double life – she is the world famous pop star Hannah Montana. Combining a stage persona with creative costuming, Miley discovers she can have the best of both worlds – the fame and fortune of a well-known singer and the fun of middle and high school with her best friends, Lilly and Oliver, whom she has entrusted with her secret.

The series stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, Emily Osment as Lilly Truscott, Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart, Billy Ray Cyrus as Robby Stewart, Mitchel Musso as Oliver Oken and Moises Arias as Rico.

Hannah Montana” was created by Michael Poryes, Rich Correll and Barry O’Brien. The executive producers are Steven Peterman and Michael Poryes. “Hannah Montana” is a production of It’s a Laugh Productions, Inc.


Miley Cyrus - Mtv Top10 SuperStar #1 HD2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heading back to her hotel With Josh

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Hannah Montana Finale Episode

Hannah Montana Forever: Wherever I go
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
I hope you guys enjoy the last episode of Hannah Montana. I'll miss the show!

So Undercover set report from Tulane university

Last week we reported that the Miley Cyrus movie So Undercover was looking for unpaid background actors for a scene that was going to be shot at Tulane University this weekend. One of our readers, Travis, was lucky enough to be one of those extras and he sent us a full report, check it out below!

Oh my goodness! Words simply cannot describe how I felt Saturday! I arrived on the set at 8 a.m. as scheduled and when the shuttle bus dropped us off we had a meeting in a huge heated tent talking about what to do and not to do on the set and that prizes would be raffled off after we were done shooting for the day! So we walked across the street to Tulane University and they were breaking people off [into groups] and telling them what to do and where to go and we filmed three pages of scenes Saturday. Also, Miley was two seconds in from of us texting or calling someone and hair/makeup [people] were all over here! I could not believe that I was that CLOSE TO HER. I told her, “Hey, Miley, how are you? Loved you in Sex and the City 2!” She laughed and said that she was doing great and asked how I was too and I was in awe! All we heard all day form 8 a.m. until we broke for lunch at 2 p.m. was: “PHOTO’S UP!! ROLLING! BACKGROUND! CUT!”

It was revealed to us that her co-star Jeremy Piven is the bad guy in the film and that in scene we were shooting he kidnaps her and takes her back to the Sorority House and wants to kill her but her sorority sisters come in and save her life! As far as Jeremy Piven, I did not interact with him, he looked like a bum on the set (guess that was the idea!), but between takes he talked to no one.

The set was a Greek festival and people were playing football and volleyball, just having fun! All I had to do is walk around the festival that they had set up and talk…just like what you would do at a real fair, but I was not in any booths or playing anything. I had on a long sleeved red shirt and dark denim blue pants and the camera was right on me for about 8 takes from the right side of the field so I will be looking for myself when the movie does debut! They said they are shooting for a summer release and if not, sometime next year.

So Undercover will continue filming in New Orleans for the next few weeks. If you spot them filming, let us know about it at!


Jason Earles talks working with Miley and leaving Hannah Montana!

Hannah Montana in the Disneyland museum

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Monday, January 17, 2011

26HQ'sAdded FIlming SU

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‘Hannah Montana Forever’ Series Finale: A Miley Cyrus Slideshow

“Hannah Montana” is drawing to a close tonight with a series finale on the Disney Channel. But is the career of Miley Cyrus, the actress who has played the title character through four seasons, just getting started?

Cyrus has grown up with the show and fans and critics have followed her through some sometimes turbulent times. Cyrus has penned a bestselling memoir, starred in movies (including a 3-D concert film), taken heat for a back-baring photo in Vanity Fair that some saw as too racy, and been hit with criticism for a pole dance that other folks saw as, well, too pole dancing-y. Her movie “The Last Song” wasn’t a major hit, but, in the wake of the successful run of “Hannah Montana,” she’s sure to hit the big screen many more times in the future. And she’s still only 18 years old.

Teen stars aren’t built to last. It stands to reason that if you’re growing out of your jeans and Nikes, you’re probably going to grow out of some of your cultural tastes as well. Cyrus, however, has become more than just another interchangeable starlet. She helped usher in a wave of Disney-produced singer-actor-merchandisers, and she became the focal point for a debate about whether some 21st century Xbox-fueled kids are growing up too fast.

A reality check: Cyrus has never actually posed for any really naughty photos. And she never really does anything that’s crazier than what typical teenagers usually do. Plus, when we talked to Cyrus some months ago, she seemed perfect lovely and level-headed. Is she up to a Tiger Mom’s standards? Maybe not. But has she pulled a Lindsay Lohan? Definitely no.

Taylor Swift, who made a brief appearance in “Hannah Montana: The Movie” was able to move from teen idol to twentysomething superstar by digging deep and releasing a confessional set of songs that she wrote completely by herself. Cyrus would do well to follow that example and create her own material that reveals who she is as an artist, or seek out quality work that’s not pandering to flash and controversy.

Critics have sometimes knocked her acting and singing, but one can easily see Cyrus generating fan goodwill in a well-made indie film, or a sharply-written sitcom. As fans of the new Showtime series “Episodes” starring Matt LeBlanc have seen, viewers love when a star is able to send up their own success in a knowing, self-deprecating way.

If she makes the right choices, as fans say good-bye to Hannah Montana, they may soon be saying hello to the real Miley Cyrus.

“Hannah Montana” will air at 7 p.m. ET.

In the slideshow, a look back at the many moods of Miley.

What do you think of the show and Cyrus’s career? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: wsj,com

Miley Cyrus On So Undercover Set 1/16/2011

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Hannah Montana Forever #1 Trend

I'm so glad to see #hannahmontanaforever trend. It was such an amazing show! I'll always remember Hannah Montana.
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Miley Cyrus parents take in movies with kids

Once again, we have some more rumors surrounding Miley Cyrus — even when it doesn’t even directly involve her. According to a new report from TMZ, Miley’s parents Tish and Billy Ray were spotted out with two of their other kids in Burbank taking in a movie — which has of course sparked talk that the two parties are near a reconciliation after announcing initially that they were going to file for divorce.

So could this be true or not? Studying the body language in the photos, it really doesn’t appear as if either party was necessarily willing to give much away. They were not romantic enough in any sense to convince anyone that the two were actually together, but they also did not seem to have a miserable time.

Billy Ray co-stars with Miley on “Hannah Montana Forever,” which is set to airs its finale on Sunday night opposite the 2011 Golden Globes.

What do you make of this new development?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Hannah Montana Forever - Final Episode Sneak Peeks & Miley and Emily Int...

Filming SU Today

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HQ pics of Miley Cyrus on the set of So Undercover TODAY

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Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus -- Date Night

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus enjoyed a movie in Burbank last night with two of their children not namedMiley ... despite having filed for divorce back in October. No word on what movie they say, but if we had to bet ... we'd say "Country Strong."

‘Hannah Montana’ ends with a whimper, but Cyrus goes out in style

If you’re hoping for some sort of profound conclusion for the Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” franchise, you’ve been watching the wrong show. In the final episode, showing at 6 p.m. Sunday, Miley Cyrus wraps up the secret-identity saga true to form: mugging, hamming it up and trying on funny glasses.

Instead of saying goodbye with a bear hug, “Hannah Montana” gives us the equivalent of an amiable arm punch.

That’s only appropriate, though. “Hannah Montana” is what it is — or rather, was what it was. Lighthearted and completely illogical, it could have been a cartoon for all its depth. Nobody watching the Disney Channel wants to cry.

Miley Stewart’s final conundrum is this: Should she keep her promise to her best friend, Lilly (the undersung Emily Osment), and room with her at Stanford? Or should she jump at a sudden offer to co-star with Tom Cruise in a Steven Spielberg movie?

(An aside: Tom Cruise is the most tempting actor they could come up with for a teen? Really?)

The last episode is predictable and safe, with a message about the importance of friendship. Yawn. What’s been far more surprising is that Miley Cyrus has finished out her Disney career with something close to grace. Despite all expectations, Cyrus hasn’t turned out to be a bad role model.

She’s not squeaky clean, to be sure. In real life, Cyrus has delighted in wearing sleazy clothes, making out with boys, taking suggestive pictures of herself and partying. But I’d be more worried about an 18-year-old who didn’t do that.

“Hannah Montana” has been on TV for four years, and once Disney realized what a hit it was, it cashed in any way it could. Cyrus has been touring, recording eight albums, starring in movies and pushing dolls, wigs, inflatable pool accessories, karaoke machines and more.

But here’s what Cyrus hasn’t done:

♦ Entered rehab.

♦ Been hospitalized for “exhaustion.”

♦ Been arrested.

♦ Shaved her head.

♦ Attacked the paparazzi.

♦ Acted shocked at the existence of a sex tape.

♦ Sued her parents.

From what we’ve learned about child actors, that, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle.

Cyrus has been acting since she was 9 years old, under considerable pressure. Her father owes his job to her (his main contribution to the finale is a fart joke), her mother has been linked to rocker Bret Michaels (divorce is imminent), and every week Cyrus can watch a parody of herself on “Saturday Night Live.”

Cyrus has more than earned a nervous breakdown.

But she chose to film a fourth season of “Hannah Montana,” doing right by Disney and her fans. What other child actor would have made it this far without a mug shot?

For comparison’s sake, think about the fact that Taylor Momsen of “Gossip Girl” was also considered for the role of Hannah Montana. Have you seen her lately? In real life, Momsen wears raccoon makeup and tattered lingerie with her band the Pretty Reckless to perform her most popular song, “Make Me Wanna Die.”

Cyrus just looks better and better.

Don’t expect much of a departure, given her future projects. She’s already wrapped the movie “LOL,” about a high school student dealing with peer pressure. Now she’s filming “So Undercover” (original title: “I’m Like Sooo Undercover”), about a private eye who goes undercover in a college sorority.

Hey, not every actor wants to stretch himself.

Earlier this season, Hannah Montana came out of the closet, took off her wig and told the world that she was Miley Stewart. Miley Cyrus deserves the same courtesy. It’s time we release her from the hypocrisy of Disney stardom.

Go ahead, Miley — act your age. Elope to Vegas, take that stripper role or retire if you’ve had enough. You’ve delighted little girls for years, and sold landfills of merchandise.

Take a cue from Miley Stewart, and just be you.