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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Demi Lovato Watched The Hannah Montana Series Finale

According to a report, Demi Lovato and her family watched the series finale of Hannah Montana last Sunday. It was not stated where they watched it from but we are assuming that it was from the treatment facility. Dianna is quoted in this report as saying that Demster has always been a fan of Hannah Montana and would not miss the finale.

“Demi has admired Miley Cyrus and will always admire her. Of course as a big fan of Hannah Montana I do not think she would miss the series finale.” Dianna is quoted as saying.

We have a tweet from Dianna’s Twitter that may partially verify that Demi and her did watch the finale together.

Aww!! Demster may have cried when Hannah ended. Regardless of whether the intial report is true or not we are sure Demster was able to watch the finale of the show at some point. What are your thoughts?

Update: It appears that we may have misinterpreted Diannas tweet. We are being told she was referring to Maddie and not Demi in this tweet. We appologize for our error. The source did state that Demi did watch the finale to Hannah.


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Edmarie Daal said...

That's what real friends are for!