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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Demi Moore LOLs With Miley, Chokes Ellen Barkin

I'll get to Demi Moore talking about Miley Cyrus in a second, but first I must tell you about Mrs. Ashton Kutcher choking Ellen Barkin.

Yes, choking...

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In Sundance Film Festival favorite, Another Happy Day, Barkin stars as Lynn, a distraught mother of four trying to cope with her extremely dysfunctional family, including a cold-hearted mother (Ellen Burstyn), a drug addict son (Ezra Miller) and a daughter who cuts herself (Kate Bosworth). Moore plays the wife of Lynn's physically abusive first husband (Thomas Haden Church).

In one volatile scene, Moore ends up pinning Barkin against a wall with her hands wrapped around her neck. It took about five takes to get it just right.

"We had so much fun," Moore admitted to me last night at the movie's premiere party at Silver restaurant. "We were laughing."

Barkin said, "You know, I trusted Demi would choke me in a very lovely delicate way."

But get this: Church is the one who ended up getting injured while shooting the scene. "Demi wrapped her legs around him, and he said her legs crushed his ribs," said Barkin, who's also a producer of the film. "I said, 'It's always the guy—the big, macho, muscley guy. Like there's little tiny Demi and me and he's hurt?' I'm like, 'I got choked and I'm fine.'"

Meanwhile, Moore told me she and Cyrus became quite close during the filming of LOL, a comedy in which they play mother and daughter.

"She's adorable," Moore said. "I love her. We text all the time still....She's a great girl with a great heart."

Also at last night's party was the film's 25-year-old screenwriter and first-time director Sam Levinson and stars Miller and Bosworth along with costars Daniel Yelsky and Michael Nardelli.

P.S.: For all you Broadway fans out there, Barkin also told me she's set to costar this spring in a revival of The Normal Heart, the semi-autobiographical play by Larry Kramer about the early days of the AIDS epidemic.


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