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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miley Cyrus’ So Undercover Tulane University Shoot Wrapping Up

As you guys already are probably aware of, Miles new movie is being shot on the campus of Tulane University. The shooting there has taken place since the beginning of December and is expected to wrap at that location sometime this weekend.

Location Manager Les Arceneaux said filming on campus began in December and will continue through the weekend. “We’ve used the Richardson Building for a couple scenes, and we shot behind the Law School,” Arceneaux said. “We also had a carnival scene set up on Newcomb Quad, and this weekend we’ll be filming on Gibson Quad and inside the architecture building.”

Arceneaux said they picked Tulane as a location for the film because of its traditional appearance and reputation. “The script called for [Miley] to go to an old, prestigious and nice looking school,” Arceneaux said.

This film seems to be coming together rather quickly for Miles. From the set pics and videos we have seen we can’t wait to see it. There is no definite release date set for this film from the information we have. Just sometime in 2011. We would venture to guess either late summer or early fall release.

Are you guys excited about this movie?


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