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Friday, January 21, 2011

Miley Cyrus Interview About Taylor Momsen Determined To Be Fake

A recent interview that was posted today by a number of gossip sites that has Miles talking about Taylor Momsen has been deemed a fake. Ken Baker from E! News took to his Twitter earlier in the day to debunk this interview as having taken place.

In further developments on this the site that posted this interview also was on their Twitter saying that they have come to find out that it was fraudulent.

Apparently this interview was sent in to this site, from our information, and Miley’s reps let them know it was fake but they posted it apparently before getting that confirmation. We do not mean to make this site look bad with this but we only present this to you as to what they are saying about it now . What do you guys think?

Credit to @x0LifesGood0x, @Milesupdates @disneyinfonet

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