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Monday, January 17, 2011

Miley Cyrus parents take in movies with kids

Once again, we have some more rumors surrounding Miley Cyrus — even when it doesn’t even directly involve her. According to a new report from TMZ, Miley’s parents Tish and Billy Ray were spotted out with two of their other kids in Burbank taking in a movie — which has of course sparked talk that the two parties are near a reconciliation after announcing initially that they were going to file for divorce.

So could this be true or not? Studying the body language in the photos, it really doesn’t appear as if either party was necessarily willing to give much away. They were not romantic enough in any sense to convince anyone that the two were actually together, but they also did not seem to have a miserable time.

Billy Ray co-stars with Miley on “Hannah Montana Forever,” which is set to airs its finale on Sunday night opposite the 2011 Golden Globes.

What do you make of this new development?


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