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Monday, April 18, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus Tests Negative For COPD (@billyraycyrus, @MileyCyrus)

BRC went to the doctor to have himself checked for COPD and other lung issues. He has been given a good score on his tests and he does not have COPD. He is thankful that he will not have to suffer with this disease like his grandfather did. BRC went to have this checked out voluntarily and not because he was having any sort of issues with his breathing or otherwise.
He tells website, “I didn’t have a perfect score, but I passed.”
In discussing what his grandfather went through, BRC had this to say, “I saw him struggle to breathe. It makes you feel helpless. The more I learn about the disease, I realise how many people in my part of Appalachia had trouble like this. Breathing is just such an intricate part of living.”
We are glad that BRC is in good shape. No one should have to suffer from COPD or any other disease for that matter. Are you guys happy for him?


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Anonymous said...

I happy for Billy Ray:-)God bless him forever!