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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miley’s Interview With COSAS Magazine

Recently, Miley was interviewd by COSAS Magazine, a fan bought the magazine and for our happiness wrote the whole interview online, on the interview Miley talks about her tour, how her fans are reacting about her change of singing,etc. Check it out below:
from girl to woman.
COSAS: Friends often come from high school or college, Where do your friends come from?
MILEY: My dad always has been a singer, so I grew up on tour. When I got the Hannah Montana role I was in 6th grade and lived in Nashville; so I was used to it. When I wanted to enter to the intertainment industry -
COSAS: But, Where do your friends come from?
MILEY: Nashville is the capital of country music, a lot of my friends are singers or play musical instruments… by the fact that they are musicians, they are honest, that’s why I like that my friends are related to music.
COSAS: How is to grow up in the spotlight?
MILEY: I think that’s the worst part of being in the industry, to have your private life so public. Something I’d like to change, would be that. That’s why I like to be so honest with my music and that’s what I want to show to my fans. My private life is no one’s business, and even more when it involves your family.
COSAS: Do you think you’ve missed something?
MILEY: No, I travel a lot and do what I want to.
COSAS: Have you heard all the stories about Britney Spears? There are a lot of people who expect you to be the new Britney
MILEY: When you’re part of the industry, everyone is waiting to see you fall. I’m sure there are other journalists, who are your co-wokers, waiting for you to fall ’cause they are jealous, so is in all industries! That’s why you have to separated, when it’s work, it’s work; when it’s your pivate life, only let people with a pure heart, enter to your life.
COSAS: What do you think about Britney?
MILEY: I love her. She’s great. I understand why she’s had those hard moments/bad times, but at the end, she is pure talent. She defines pop music.
COSAS: Who are your role models in the indutry?
MILEY: My Godmother, Dolly Parton
COSAS: Dolly Parton? Not Lady Gaga, not Madonna?
MILEY: How can I admire someone who I don’t know in person?, They are incredible on a stage but I don’t know their hearts… I don’t know who they are.
COSAS: What can your fans expect of your concert?
MILEY: What I attempt to do is have fun and expect my fans to sing along. That is what I like the most about writing a song, fans singing along every song

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