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Monday, April 18, 2011

FULL: Miley’s interview on Fantastico

Miley’s Interview on Fantasico: Miley: ‘I’m doing work that really reflects what I feel, “says Miley Cyrus
Actress and singer performs in May in Brazil. In an interview with Zeca Camargo, she talks about the transition to the real Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus.
Fans can now celebrate Miley Cyrus arrives in Brazil last May for shows in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. She became famous on television as a girl as Hanna Montana, but now his career is definitely with your real name.
Fantastic – The first question is: how was that transition?
Miley Cyrus – I think my fans were great in that sense. At 12, I was a cute actress, but now I’m doing work that really reflects what I feel. Want to be more in touch with what I am, with my ideas and my vision.
This metamorphosis from Hannah to Miley was really something planned or just happened?
I could have planned better, yes.
But much has changed?
Sure. I’m much more confident. I have time to work on my music and do what I think is really worth. They are songs I’m sure I’ll hear in the future and I still have very proud of them.
You’ve always been an example for this generation of girls. Now, as a woman, will this continue?
I do not consider myself a model of anything. I do not like to sit here and pretend I’m perfect, as many people do. Do not want to be a different person for the media than I am in my real life. And I want my fans to know that and that my music will be.
Miley came from a family of artists. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a famous country singer from the United States, and her mother is music producer. To come from a family of artists …
Yes, it made things easier. My parents do not need the money I win or my fame. They have their careers and just want me to be happy with my work.
But you never asked him for advice?
Sure. And earlier, my dad was like, ‘Do not go there. Care ‘.
Talking about the future, you now have a music career, but it is a television actress and filmmaker. After all, what career will you bet?
This is difficult. The music was always in my heart. And I love acting. But in this case, you always have a director telling you what to do. With my music is different. I can express myself in fact, alone, on my own. Express different emotions.
Whichever path she chooses, you can be sure that the fans are going back. Thanks, Miley! Pretty soon we’ll be able to give it close. Is she is already training the Portuguese? She risks a “festival in Brazil.” It’s a good start, but you can still improve. See you in Brazil! 

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