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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miley Cyrus Clears Up Her Statements About Not Touring The US (@MileyCyrus)

As we reported yesterday, Miles made a statement that she was not touring the US because she didn’t feel the love in the US that she did in other countries. This statement has been blown out of proportion as usual by the media.
Miles took to her Twitter last night to clarify that it wasn’t a lack of love from her fans but that she just can’t deal with the US media. We thought that is what she meant by that statement yesterday but we are glad Miles cleared that up for everyone. She loves her fans but does not like the treatment she gets from critics, gossip sites and certain parents groups that trash everything she does. We really can’t blame her for that but don’t you think that sort of penalizes her fans because of what the media does to her?
Give us your thoughts on whether or not you think that Miles is letting the media dictate too much what she does or doesn’t do?


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