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Friday, April 29, 2011

Miley Holds a Press Conference in Ecuador.


Miley at a press conference for her Gypsy Heart Tour in Ecuador this afternoon (April 28).

There was a few live tweets from it, which I've translated best I can:

  • Singing with David Bisbal stands out to Miley as something incredible.
  • With this tour she had more opportunities to visit countries that she has not visited. Miley chose Ecuador/South America because the fans demanded it!
  • Miley says "You have to surround yourself with people who love you as a person and not by what you do"
  • Miley finds it difficult to sing in Spanish, she stayed at school in Spanish class and now is learning again.
  • "I think is very important to care for the earth we live in and do all the care of the planet!"
  • "I have made many U.S. tours and they have been perfect!"
  • Hannah Montana was in the same place and with the same people.Which is not the same peace of mind for the tour!
  • "I am very excited to see my fans, I am very grateful to be here!"
The full interview from the press conference will be in Saturday's Hoy's Daily Life!

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