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Friday, August 12, 2011

YOU Think Miley Cyrus Is The Hottest Bondage Girl! But Is She Even Old Enough To Hold This Title?

Old enough or not, HollywoodLifers, YOU think Miley is one bada** bondage babe!

We couldn’t help but notice the love of bondage-wear in Hollywood so we put together a round up of those our favorite bondage babes and asked YOU who was the hottest, and though she is just legal it was a hands down win for Miley Cyrus! So why is she the sexiest bondage girl when most 18-year-olds wouldn’t be let out of the house in these outfits?The only rhyme and reason I can find behind this one is that Miley has some seriously devoted fans! Though many claim Miley has alienated her younger followers with her vamped up looks, others seem to be cheering her on. Whether Miley decides to go good or bad she seems to have a HUGE fan base in both areas who are not going anywhere!
I have to give it to the girl, even though she is young, she does look darn good in that lace and leather. I guess keep doing what your doing Miley, since it seems to be working!


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