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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mileys Sarcasm Over Back Tattoo Not Taken Well Over Twitter

Earlier today a Niley fan tweeted Miley Cyrus "Miley got a tatoo of Liam or he told her to get it? Please wait while I gag. Why would you do that?" Miley sarcastically replied with "@NickMakeItEasy ha! Yes! I got liams portrait on my back actually! Looks rad!" The funniest part actually is this ignorant fan didnt even know what hell they were talking about. Miley and Liam got matching tattoo's. Miley didnt get a tattoo of Liam like this fan claims. Now the worst part is people now after Mileys tweet actually think she has a back tattoo. While its pretty obvious she was just being sarcastic. Fans all over twitter or misunderstanding Miley's tweet. Some people believe Miley #RumorKilled that she actually got matching tattoo's with her adorable boyfriend meanwhile there is PROOF. However really what Cyrus meant in her tweet was that she loves Liam and to back off.


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