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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Author of "Wake." Gives us some info about movie production

As we recently reported before Miley was in the talks to be filming a movie called "Wake." Rumors earlier this year claimed Cyrus would start filming this upcoming December. However the author Lisa Mcmann (@Lisa_Mcmann.) cleared up all these rumors by tweeting "Nothing is certain but and MTVFilms + have optioned it. Hope it happens. It takes a long time, though." That being said it still seems like "Wake." The movie and Cyrus' role are still up in the air. The author has tweeted multiple times that she would love for Miley to be the main character and how much she respects Miley for the person she is. Miley's IMDB page has already added "Wake.'' Under her lists of films she will be working on. IMDB also gave "Wake.'' a release date of 2013.

Source: permanentmiley.blogspot

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