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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mileys ex friend Anna Oliver back on twitter

Anna Oliver, the girl who filmed the infamous Miley Cyrus bong video is back on twitter. Her friend Cassidy Gray announced the famewhores new twitter just lastnight. Anna Oliver deleted her previous twitter a day before the bong video hit the internet causing a big controversy for Ms.Cyrus. Not only was it shocking to Miley that her bestfriend/ personal assistant would film such a thing but Miley' fans were pretty pissed aswell. Today once Miley fans found out that the girl who stabbed Cyrus in the back was back on the internet they sended some hate. Quote
"@SwiftNasx @annabananzzz so. release any videos of people smoking salvia lately?." Anna replied with "@SwiftNasx you poor ignorant child." This is only one example of Anna's battle with Miley fans. However not only did Anna battle Miley fans she also battled Demi fans. Anna was also previoulsy Demi Lovato's bestfriend until Demi went to treatment. Thats when Anna started hanging with Miley. What most people dont know is Anna multiple times sold Demi out to the tabloids. Anna  was known for being a close source leaking information about her bestfriends. I find it sad what an attention seeker this Anna girl is. She is clearly enjoying all the attention she gets from both Miley and Demi fanbases. Everyone's best bet is to just let Anna live her own life and let her choke on her own coke. Remember Anna the only coke you should do is diet. #SoberIsSexy

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