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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miley Cyrus LOL And So Undercover Release Dates Right Now

While no official information has come out yet  from the distributors  about release dates  for So Undercover and LOL in the US there are release dates listed in other countries at IMDb. They still list LOL as just 2011 and So Undercover as October 2011 for a US release
The rest of the release dates are as follows:
UK October 21, 2011
Hungary March 29, 2012
So Undercover:
Turkey: October 21, 2011
Netherlands December 8, 2011
Based on just the release dates in these other countries we are going to venture to say that both movies are going to be released in at least the first two weeks of October. Usually US releases precede UK releases unless they decide to roll the movie out worldwide at the same time.
There has been very little promotion of both of these movies outsite a few news site and fan sites to speak of. We hope this does not hurt the movies at the box office when they are released.
Are you guys anxious to see these movies?


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