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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miley Cyrus fan suffers memory loss but still remembers Miley

Sometimes it takes a miracle, strength, or even therapy to get over memory loss. Yet, for this young girl with memory loss, she could only remember two things, her parents, and Miley herself.
Huynh Ngoc Yen Nhi is a 14 year old girl born October 18th, 1996. Born in Vietnam, ‘Nhi’, which is short for her name, has struggled through an incurable blood cancer throughout her life. Nhi has spent some part of her life listening to Miley Cyrus. She has been a huge fan and as you can see, Miley has played a very meaningful and imparting role in her life.
Despite her cancer, her family has been very supportive and decided to move to a hospital located in Switzerland. Sadly, they were un aware that during the move something tragic would happen. Nhi had become part of a very hazardous accident that left her unconscious for two days. Nhi is now okay and is in the hospital in switzerland. However, Nhi is now suffering memory loss. She is unable to remember anything.
Despite the fact that she is suffering from memory loss, there are two things that she remembers. Her parents for one, but besides them, the one person she remembers is her inspiration. Her ultimate influence Miley Cyrus. Although she is still suffering memory loss, Nhi knows all of Miley’s songs, and Miley’s passed experience throughout her career. Her face, her Movies, her songs. Nhi has been a very strong, and resolute young girl. The fact that she is able to remember her parents, and Miley Cyrus brings inspiration and hope.
Some of her friends and twitter users have been trying to trend #Prayfornhi, in honor of her courage and in support of her cancer. This truly shows that Miley stands for something, and the memory of this girl has remembered that the one person that will always stand by her, and will keep inspiring her is Miley Cyrus.

Thanks Mileyonline.Us for the article.

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