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Sunday, August 21, 2011

RUMOR: Miley As Ariel On “Dark” Little Mermaid Remake?

According to a lot of accounts on twitter, Miley is set to be Ariel on a new “dark” ‘Little Mermaid’ remake along with Logan Lerman as Eric. We don’t if this is true or not but a lot of people been saying it is! Check out a few tweets below.
@HeyItsMeJoyce Miley Cyrus & LOGAN LERMAN will be playing Ariel (Miley) and Eric (LOGAN) in The Little Mermaid in 2012? OOOH LORDY I THINK I MAY DIE!
@rabiahmajid The Little Mermaid on theaters Summer 2012? Miley Cyrus as Ariel and Logan Lerman as Prince Eric? OMFG. I can’t even… I need to watch it!
@THEORDINAerie OMFG miley cyrus is going to be ariel the little mermaid! I have to watch it!!!
@_BR1TTANY just saw some ad for the little mermaid being remade and miley cyrus is playing ariel.
Let’s consider this just a rumor, as there’s nothing confirmed yet.



-A.m' ;) said...

so cool! I can't wait too!
But Miley Cyrus wants to grow up and ariel it's a little childish!
But Miley is Miley, and I love her!!!

Anonymous said...

I clint Lewis have a birthday gift for Miley Cyrus I hope she likes it cause I will sent it to her in November cause I really do love Miley Cyrus and I will do anything to make her happy and love as well