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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"So Undercover.'' DETAILS- AGAIN

Last winter Miley Cyrus finished her new movie "So Undercover." Or so thats what fans/hollywood thought. Yesterday Miley was spotted at the UCLA campus filming once again with her co-star Josh Bowman. Rumors went around saying that they were filming re-shoots for the movie, which is true. However now people are saying that Cyrus was also filming the alternative ending for "So Undercover." Considering this you would assume that the movie would be pushed back instead of coming out this fall. WRONG according to a source on the set who asked about the movie, its still coming out this October. Apparently in the USA its coming out in October. While in other countries its coming out as late as December. Considering movie trailers are already out for the month of October. Promotion for this movie needs to happen ASAP. We wouldnt wanna see Miley's movie flop like Monte Carlo did.

 "Source." About the release date= @AdoreMMiles. She was on set yesterday. Thanks MileySource.Net for the picture.

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