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Friday, June 3, 2011

Salon Celebrates Gay-friendly Miley Cyrus's Intolerance of 'Intolerant' Fans

There's nothing more intolerable to the Left than "intolerance" (read traditional religious conviction on sex and marriage).
In a June 1 post at's War Room blog, Williams cheered  Miley Cyrus's rude response via Twitter last Thursday to a fan who was chagrined at the pop star's glee at folks "hating on Urban Outfitters" for a donation a company executive had made years ago to social conservative Republican Rick Santorum (Pa.), an opponent of same-sex marriage:
Cyrus may not be the outspoken "Born This Way" icon that Gaga is, but the kid gets props for shutting down – and openly expressing her disdain for -- intolerance this week. When a fellow Tennessean and self-professed Christian fan named Tammy Hudson took to Twitter to lament "what happened To that Christian girl from Tn with decent moral values and a lot of heart?" Cyrus promptly singled the woman out from among her over one million followers to call shenanigans. "What an ignorant statement," she wrote. "I dont have 'alot of heart' cuz im not gonna be a closed minded hypocrite? LOVE IS LOVE. GOD IS LOVE." It's a statement so forthright and so sadly lacking in Christian conservatism, we're willing to forgive Cyrus her "alot" and "cuz." (Hudson, meanwhile, was unmoved, elaborating later that "I didn't decide it was wrong to be gay. God did, I just follow his rules.")
A celebrity spouting off against politicians and big business is one thing, but against a random fan who has bought Cyrus's music? Who's really intolerant here?
What's more, Williams left out a follow-up tweet by Hudson on Friday that clarified the intent of her initial tweet:
sorry I wasn't clear earlier. What I meant by the whole lot of heart was you always seemed happy and loving. A lot of the tweets now a days seem to be about haters. The values I was saying out of concern not hate as everyone seems to think. When you 1st got started you said you were a Christian & we've sadly watched you move further away from those. I am concerned for you.


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