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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gypsy Heart Tour grounded


Miley's tour has been grounded due to volcanic ashes interrupting Australian air travel. They are planning a 24-hour road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne tonight.

Volcanic ash: Sydney flights cancelled

The volcanic ash cloud that has lingered over Australia for 10 days has reached Sydney –- and most flights are off.

All Qantas and Jetstar domestic flights to and from Sydney after 3 p.m. today have been cancelled, while international flights are under review.

Canberra flights after midday have been suspended, Adelaide flights after 2 p.m. are off and Newcastle flights after 3 p.m. have also been canned. The cloud is threatening to disrupt Queensland and Victorian flight schedules.

Tiger Airways has grounded its entire Australian fleet and the disruptions at the nation's major airport are expected to cause significant delays around the country.

Volcanic ash is detrimental to jet engine performance and can lead to engine failure.

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