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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

@MileyCyrus, @ddlovato, & @SelenaGomez Listed In 100 Sexiest List

There comes a time when all child stars leave that awkward stage of limbo when they’re still young enough to be marketed towards kids yet old enough to start breaking out into more grownup ventures. And Disney’s three most popular starlets are no exception.
The British version of FHM magazine recently named Selena Gomez(number 76), Demi Lovato(number 54), and Miley Cyrus(number 32) in their 100 Sexiest Women List. All three girls started out in the entertainment industry as fresh-faced teens and have gracefully turned into multi-talented young adults. They’ve all branched out from Disney productions and took on more grown-up ventures like song-writing, fashion designing, and charity work. And now they’re getting recognized for their pretty appearances and trend-setting style.
Its nice to know that Demi, Selena, and Miley are still making waves in the entertainment industry even though they’ve pretty much outgrown the Disney niche and are probably waiting to take the next step in their career. And while this type of recognition from a magazine could land them more grown-up roles, more lucrative projects, and long-lasting music careers, the only major downside to being labelled “sexy” or “hot” is that it could typecast your image and make it harder for you to get the projects or gigs that you really want.
News source from DisneyInfoNet


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