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Friday, June 17, 2011

Miley: Yes, I'm in love!

She arrived from Los Angeles the night before and yet, when she appeared in Eat, Bulaga! yesterday to invite her fans to watch her concert tonight at the SM Mall Of Asia (MOA) Concert Grounds, Miley Cyrus was full of life and energy even if, she said, she slept only for two hours, bugged as she was by jetlag from the long haul. (She’s leaving tomorrow.)

“I chatted with my fans on the Net,” she revealed.

That’s what she always does to end most of her days — update her fans around the world on what she did during the past 24 hours and what she’s doing in the next 24 hours.

“But I do it in moderation,” she qualified. “Anything is okay in moderation, you know. I tweet when I’m working and I turn it off when I’m home.”

Latest entry in her Twitter account (quoted verbatim): In Manila =]]] This time difference is wackinggg me out! Went to sleep at 6 am and woke up at 7:30 am!

The Philippines is the only Asian country included on her Corazon Gitano (Gypsy Heart) World Tour which has already wowed such Latin countries as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Panama and others.

Asked by Funfare Update why “only the Philippines” during an exclusive one-on-one (The STAR was the only paper given the honor) after her presscon yesterday at a Mandarin Oriental bar to which she had rushed from her Bulaga! guesting, Miley broke into the same warm and friendly smile that she flashed for Bulaga! viewers and the media guys who filled up the venue.

It’s awesome,” she said of the reception.

She must love the Philippines so much to include it on her tour.

It was my fans in the Philippines who kind of kept tweeting me and asking when I was coming. I thought I’d never make it here so soon but here I am and I’m excited.

Unlike last week when The STAR had an exclusive phone interview with her in L.A. when she sounded sleepy (just out of bed at noon on that sunny day), during yesterday’s interview she was lively and so alive.

“I don’t know why I’m so hyper,” she said.

How did she feel waking up yesterday morning halfway around the world from where she came from?

“It was a bit confusing. It was nearing noon here and in L.A. it was nearing midnight, so I had to check the time difference.” (The Philippines is 16 hours ahead of California.)

She had 24 hours to spare before her MOA concert tonight, so what did she plan to do?

“Oh, I guess I will just lie by the pool.” (She’s billeted at a Makati five-star hotel with her entourage that includes her mom who, according to Funfare Update sources, has done some shopping in malls nearby.) “I will just hang out with my friends.”

I wondered, has Miley worked with any Filipinos?

“Yes,” she said, “I have. In fact, two of my dancers who are performing with me on my concert are Filipino. They have relatives here whom they haven’t met because they’ve never been to the Philippines and this is their chance to meet them.”

And what has she heard about the Philippines?

“I haven’t.”

SMiley happily receives from your columnist a copy of The STAR’s June 12, 2011 issue carrying the exclusive Conversation with her done by phone last week in L.A.
I told her that teenagers around the world look up to her as a role model. How does she feel about it?

“I think of myself as just very lucky that I am able to do the things that teenagers like me love to do. I love it that I can connect to millions of girls through my Twitter. But you can’t take away the fact that teenagers look up to me as their role model.”

Any piece of advice to girls who want to follow in her footsteps?

“As I’ve been telling my sisters, just wait it out and enjoy what you’re doing and perfect your craft. If you want to be a singer, just enjoy it.”

A question most of Miley’s fans have been wanting to ask her but didn’t have the chance to — how would she define love?

Miley smiled. “I think it’s someone who’s always there to listen to you.” (Two of the guys who have been romantically linked to Miley were Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, her leading man in the movie The Last Song.)

And the Big Question: Is she in love at the moment?

Miley, who’s turning 19 in November, broke into another big smile and admitted, “Yes, I’m in love,” pausing before adding, “I’m in love with myself, I’m in love with what I’m doing, I’m in love with life. I’m happy performing, I’m doing what I love. There’s nothing that I can complain about.”

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