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Friday, June 17, 2011

Miley misunderstood : Lovely article on the Teen Queen herself

MANILA, Philippines — American pop singer Miley Cyrus slammed speculations that she does certain things for their shock value in order to grab headlines and maximize her media mileage.
“There are a lot of things that people kinda make up about me and many think I want that kind of attention---I don’t,” she told local media.
The 18-year old singer of the worldwide hits “The Climb” and “Party In The U.S.A.” shared the advice her father, country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, gave her on how to choose what to stand for.
“He said that everything you do in life, if it comes from a place of love, you will always succeed no matter what.”
Not only did Cyrus deny secretly liking bad publicity, she categorically stated that rumormongering is the “worst part of the industry.”
The singer, who is set to hold her “Gypsy Heart Tour” concert on June 17 at the SM Mall of Asia Open Concert Grounds, warned celebrities about the indiscriminate use of social networking media such as Twitter. She said that it’s up to an artist to set the limit on how far he’ll let the public into his private life through such platforms.
“Stop using it [social media] when you want to disconnect” she said, adding, “And reread your stuff so you’re sure that you can stand by whatever it is you say. Once out, it’s gonna be there forever.”
Cyrus reminded media and the public that even celebrities deserve respect when it comes to privacy. She said that it’s “illegal” to continue hounding the stars when they’ve expressed feeling uncomfortable about it.
“I don’t like weird creeps hiding behind bushes and seeing me in my bathing suit…if they don’t follow the rules, then they’ll get into problems,” she said.
Though she seems to have a bad romance with the media from time to time, Cyrus emphasized that she does not let it get to her. Work, she said, makes it all worth it.
“As artists, it’s our job to create and I’m happy when I do…we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.”
Asked if she has had apprehensions performing before a crowd whose primary language isn’t English, Cyrus confidently said that music breaks the barrier. She said that her hit, “The Climb,” generates “the most incredible response,” with people “crying and finding laughter in the song.”
“There’s this spiritual connection…the music speaks for itself,” she said.
If she did not become singer-actress, Cyrus would likely have dabbled into photography and fashion. She takes pictures of all the places she visits and shares these with her fans. Her fashion sense tends towards “the 70’s, the supernatural, the hippie.”
She did not say if her proclivity for such a style has had her parents up in arms, but Cyrus admitted having disappointed her parents in other things in the past.
“And if anyone says he has never disappointed his parents, then that person is lying,” Cyrus said.
What was her childhood dream? Cyrus gave but one answer.
“This...always this.”


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