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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miley Cyrus Fans Get Excited! (@MileyCyrus & @MileyDude)

We yall know the support video that we posted a couple a hours ago. Well that video was seen by Miley Cyrus her self. The creator of the whole video was @MileyDude. Miley tweeted: ‘@TeamMileyNY wow =] such an amazing video! i love my fans so much =]. After that all the fans that were in the video got so excited including @MileyDude (FRANKIE) he also got a reply from her too. He tweeted ‘@mileycyrus im gay, and the fact that you support us makes me love me love you a million times more than I ever did before.. Than Miley wrote back to him saying: ‘@Mileydude me and @Vijphoto STRONGLY believe “everyones gay until proven straight” haha =] love you back honey!.
This day will never be forgotten as it was the best day for the fans and Frankie!


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