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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lauren Alaina Talks Calling Carrie, Listening to Miley and "Liking" Someone Who's Not Scotty

Lauren, who plans to start choosing songs for her debut album very soon, also revealed that the mentor whose advice she found most helpful on American Idol this season was Miley Cyrus.  She tells ABC News  Radio, "She is young and relatable.  She started out on a TV show and she was my age, and she said that she had been through a lot of the same things, like the insecurities that I was having."  Lauren adds, "It was just cool to see someone as successful as her had gone through the things that I'd gone through."  Lauren also says she appreciates the support she got from Kelly Clarkson, who tweeted that she was rooting for Lauren to win the competition.

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