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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Specific Time Frame Set On Trailer Release For Miley Cyrus “So Undercover"

We have been fielding a lot of questions today on Twitter concering Miley Cyrus’  So Undercover movie . What we know at this time is that our information has the release set in Oct. 2011.  The Weinstein Co., which will distribute the movie has not issued a specfic release date yet,  The ball park time of the  movie release is still in October as of right now.
As for a trailer, we called them and asked about that. They told us that they would issue a trailer after they Officially set the release date of the movie but offered no specific time frame on when that might occur.
We are currently seeing promotional stills from the movie popping up so it should not be too much longer before we see more info surrounding this movie like a trailer. We will post what we have for you guys when we get it.
We know everyone is anxious to see this movie and get as much info on it as possible but we all have to wait on the studios as it is their call when they decide to release the information.


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