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Monday, September 5, 2011

Trace Cyrus & Brenda Song: Baby On Board

In a week of big baby announcements — including Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck — the most shocking one is probably Disney darling Brenda Song and tattooed rocker Trace Cyrus. The young couple, 23 and 22, revealed they were expecting their first child on Aug. 23 and the rest of the Cyrus clan isn’t quite sure what to think yet. The newest issue of OK! has all the info on the latest drama to rock the Cyrus family, including sister Miley‘s reaction.                                                                    

According to an insider, grandma-to-be Tish has strong reservations about her son’s parenting potential but her husband Billy Ray is doing his best to keep her calm.
“Billy Ray keeps reminding her that Trace and Brenda are adults, they’re dating and they care for each other — it’s not like it was a one-night stand.”

Tish isn’t the only one with reservations though. Miley is “freaked out” about the pregnancy, a source tells OK!.
“From her perspective, Trace still looks like an angry teen, with rebellious tattoos and piercings — not someone ready to commit the next 18 years to raising a child.”

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