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Monday, September 5, 2011

Miley is in @TVPortraits Sept/Oct issue as part of Top 10 TV BFFs

#1. Miley & Lilly [ Hannah Montana]
Friendship goes beyond friendship.

Last year, Miley and Lilly, along with Oliver took out 5th position in last year’s poll and this year Miley and Lilly have zoomed up to take the top spot! It was a sad day when the last Hannah Montana episode aired because we’ll miss seeing all the mischief that Miley and Lilly get up to, but we’ve gotten so many laughter and tears from these two in the past four seasons that we’re glad that we can look back at them with fond memories. If there’s anything this show has shown, it’s that the friendship between Miley and Lilly goes beyond friendship. These two aren’t just best friends, they’re also sisters and even beyond that! Through the good times and the bad, these two have come out stronger than ever. And if you can’t pass up filming a major movie with Tom Cruise in Paris for your best friend, who else can you pass it up for?
Miley & Lilly – You & Me Together Fanvid:

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