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Friday, September 2, 2011

Hollywood is being hacked by Anonymous offshoot

(CBS) - Ugh. Another hacking group hits the scene. This time they're not even attempting a message or purpose. A new faction that claims to be an offshoot of Anonymous named Hollywood Leaks has targeted celebrity emails and Twitter accounts.
The group has leaked phone numbers of entrepreneur Mark Cuban, singer Miley Cyrus and actress Ashley Greene on document sharing site Pastebin. Tom Cruise's latest script for a musical called "Rock of Age" was also released on the Pirate Bay. Nude photos of rap newcomer Kreayshawn were tweeted to over 300,000 followers from her hacked Twitter account while she was at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Thursday morning a release included the email addresses of actor Gerard Butler, rappers Waka Flocka and Lloyd Banks.
All announcements are made through their Twitter account, which is filled with racist and homophobic comments.
A statement given to Gawker's Adrian Chen via email gives insight to their mission, "We're simply here to facilitate the free flow of information from a place which was previously over looked, Hollywood."
According Chen the group isn't particularly tech savvy, "they say they've broken into accounts mostly by guessing bad security questions."
Just from an initial glance at the types of hacks and tweets released, it doesn't seem very Anonymous-like, who usually targets for political reasons. It's most likely a bunch of people who want to pick on famous people, using Anonymous' method of delivery. Either way, they're menacing.
We reached out to Miley Cirus and Gerard Butler to no avail. If hacking history tells us anything, this is just the beginning. Hold on tight to your publicists, celebs. You're going to need them.

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