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Friday, September 2, 2011

Miley gets 3 new tattoos

Miley Cyrus loves tattoos. The Hannah Montana star already has a handful of ink all over her body, and she’s rumored to have gotten three more.
According to reports, Miley has gotten a trio of new tattoos including an anchor on her wrist, a matching tat with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, and an OP sign. These tattoos would bring Miley’s count up to 10.
Miley Cyrus has been known to get tattoos when she’s feeling emotional, or passionate, about something. The Last Song actress has ink that means something to her; such as a tribute to her family, or a gay rights equality symbol.
It seems that Cyrus has been bitten by the tattoo bug. Many other ink enthusiasts have said that the hobby can become addicting, and expensive. It will be interesting to see if, and what, Miley will tattoo on herself next.
Perhaps, she’ll get a tattoo to honor her new niece or nephew on the way? (Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus are expecting.) Hopefully, Miley Cyrus can keep her love of tattoos under control, and not go overboard with the ink.
Source: Celebs Gather

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