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Sunday, September 11, 2011

MileyOnline Exclusive: So Undercover Review

MileyOnline has received the first So Undercover review. From the So Undercover screening.
Miley becomes an undercover agent as a college student in a sorority, to protect a fellow “sister” in the sorority. Miley’s character, despite being a real badass, had to take on the role of being a preppy sorority girl, which naturally would lead to some hilarious scenes. Miley looked fabulous throughout the movie with perfect hair and perfect clothes. It was surprising to see Miley in so much pink! The movie had a Syndey White feel to it and due to the nature of the humor in it, is most likely going to be rated PG-13. The romantic interest, Nicholas, was adorable and charming, and they shared many…”cute”…moments. Kelly Osbourne’s character was hilarious and one of our favorite performances in the movie. Megan Park did a great job with depicting the “dumb blonde” southern sorority girl cliche. Miley was natural. I notice in Hannah montana she over acts but in this movie not so much. And the movie should be coming out in October.
Source: One of our followers, who prefers to stay anonymous.


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