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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miley Cyrus Breaks Site’s Curfew


Miley Cyrus is a teenager, but it’s HollywoodLife that needs to grow up.
The site has a habit of throwing Cyrus’ name into untrue rumors whenever the mood strikes. Just in the past six months, HollywoodLife claimed she and Liam Hemsworth were living together (nope), that she was going after Douglas Booth and Avan Jogia (two more wrong guesses), and that she was rude to fans during Justin Bieber’s movie premiere (despite evidence to the contrary).
But all of that “reporting” was merely a warm-up for HollywoodLife’s apparent new role – as Cyrus’ mom.
According to the site, the star’s “out of control ways” were on display when she partied in the wee hours of the morning at the Chateau Marmont over the weekend.
“While Miley is certainly allowed to enjoy a night out, especially given how hard she works, what teenager is allowed to stay out so late?” scolds HollywoodLife, adding, “Most teens have to be home by midnight.”
Um, we didn’t realize HollywoodLife was in charge of everyone’s curfew.
Also, let’s stop bundling Cyrus with “most teens.”
“Most teens” don’t have paparazzi following them at all hours, bumping into their actual moms, and snapping a million photographs, any one of which a lazy site like HollywoodLife can turn into this type of accusatory story.
HollywoodLife also pretends to be offended by Cyrus’ “barely there jean shorts and tights,” which, combined with her looking tired, leads the blog to wonder, ”Was she on a Salvia bender again?”
Back in December, of course, Cyrus was taped smoking the legal substance.
So now, whenever legal adult Cyrus stays up past midnight and has the bad luck to be photographed with her eyes closed, it’s a sign that she’s in trouble?
We hope Cyrus remembers to ask for HollywoodLife’s permission the next time she goes out with friends.

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