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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miley and Selena "Sex And The City." Prequel talks

Both Teen sensations have been in the talks to star in the 'Sex And The City." Prequel. Last year it was said that they would love to have Miley Cyrus play Carrie in the new flick. Now there saying they want Selena to play Charlotte. Both girls expressed excitement about it. Miley said she loved SATC and Miley even had a cameo in the second film. Selena said it would be awesome however shes never watched the show because she was too young at the time. Personally im a huge fan of SATC and i think both girls would fit these roles. Selena in real life is just as shy and humble as Charlotte is in the show/films. Miley is more of a risk taker and has more experience like Carrie does in the show/films. Plus since there is a fan war between Miley and Selena. I think it would be great to seem them do a project together. What do YOU think?

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