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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Funny Curiosities About ‘So Undercover’

While Miley was filming her upcoming movie ‘So Undercover’ a lot of funny and cute stuff happened with the cast. Check out some of them below:
Miley became addicted to “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith, she danced it all the time on the set.
Miley spent 2 hours in the gym everyday.
Miley said to the brazilian magazine TodaTeen that she loved eating candies when they were not filming.
According to TMZ, Miley retraced every scene about 7 times
Kelly Osbourne, Megan Park and Miley became great friends
Morgan Calhoun and Miley became great friends, she even received an autographed present from Miley.
There’s a possibility that the movie will be in 3D.
The name of the movie was “I’m Like Sooo Undercover”
Tish was on set throughout filming and was also a producer on the film
Miley and her romantic partner were seen sometimes after the recordings in the same period that Miley had ended with Liam. Miley swears that nothing ever happened between them
Miley got scared and even cried at having to use weapons


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