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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miley's fan story


My name’s Sophie and I met Miley through Make-a-Wish on Tuesday, April 19th 2011 at a Gypsy Heart Tour rehearsal! I don’t even know where to begin. Ok so we rode to the place where the rehearsals were going to be and waited outside for a few minutes because we were waiting for another girl to get there. Then we went in and went to this room where they had makeup artists for the wish kids to get their makeup done. We went down to where they had the food and ate (WHICH I THINK IS WHERE MILEY ATE AFTER USSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) then we had to wait for like 2 hours because they were late so instead of meeting her at 4 it was like 5. But while we were waiting, if you stood in this certain hallway you could hear them rehearsing and hear her voice it was SOOOOOO like…HSIUDHGIUTHSIUGHSI!!!!!!!! it made me REALLY anxious and freaked out so my mom, sister and I just sat there for a loooong time and listened and sang along! Then we waited some more and the camera men there interviewed a few people including me about Miley and everything for local news. My sister and I were being interviewed and he asked her how big of a fan I was and she was describing everything and said something about the scrapbook I made for her (which was about 20 letters to Miley from Smilers on twitter) and the interviewer guy asked to see it so I showed the camera and said it was from her fans and stuff and he was all like “wow see those are the things that make people like Miley happy about what she’s doing” or something like that. So when the interview was over we waited a little more then finally after what seemed like 10 years, they took us back into the room for Miley to come in. I was freaking out and crying and everything (for the record, I was really the only one freaking out and everyone else was pretty calm, I have no idea why or how) and the lady who was kind of in charge of it all said that Miley felt bad that we had to wait so long to meet her (as in years for most people) and that Miley brought us cupcakes for that! Then she said “so without furtherado—idk how to spell that hahaha—i introduce to you Miley Cyrus!” and the room was pretty small so we were all cramped and Miley came in just looking stunning and beautiful as always and she had on a big smile and I broke into tears and fell on the floor and I was crying and it was quiet for the most part so it was kinda awkward I was trying to cry silently haha. So she was just standing there like a couple feet away from us and she’s like “hey guys! wanna get pictures?” so she kneeled in front of where I was standing and I was completely FREAKING. OUT. and we took a group picture but I was shaking and just freaking out too much to smile or anything (it’s a REALLY bad picture so I’m not gonna post it!) and then she left to a few doors down to where we were gonna meet her. They took each family one by one into the room and most kids came back within 1 or 2 minutes max. And I was just in hysterics I didn’t know what to do! I was like the 5th person to meet her and when the lady called my name I almost couldn’t move and I was tearing and shaking and when I saw her I was just like “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD OHMYGOSH OHHH MYYYY GOD” and my hands were over my mouth and I walked in slowly just staring at her and she’s like “hi!” so I went over to her and gave her the biggest hug I’ve ever given anyone in my life I was holding on so tight and wouldn’t let go hahaha. And when I was hugging her I said “I love you so much” and my voice was all shaky and she was smiling and I handed her the big bag that had all her presents in it and I said “this is for you” and she put it over on a table on the side and said “wow today’s my lucky day, I’ve gotten a lot of presents already!” She came back and we took 2 pictures and I was still freaking out but trying to act calm. Then the guy who interviewed me earlier was in there and he told Miley to open my present because he remembered about my scrapbook and she’s like “right now?” because I don’t think she’s supposed to open them yet because of time restrictions but the guy told her she could. So we went over and she took out the scrapbook and she’s like “wow did you make this?!” and I was like “yeah it’s from some of your fans on twitter” and she’s like “no way.” and she opened it and looked through every single page and the whole time she was going “this is amazingg” and she asked if I knew all these people and I said “not personally but I talk to them a lot on twitter” and she’s like (I don’t remember exactly but it was something like this) “that’s the great thing about twitter is that you can talk to so many people” and she said thank you and then she took out the piggy bank I got her that’s in the shape of Pumba from Lion King! (from the video at the KCAs) and she’s like “OH MY GOD” and she said that people make fun of her for her favorite animal being a warthog and I told her it’s a piggy bank and she’s like “wow! Jason! Where’s Jason? *Jason walks in* Jason gave me a piggy bank the other day but this one is so much better!” and she gave me a hug (I made it really long and awkwardly semi-strong again hahaha) and I said there’s still one more thing so she took it out and it was a big mustache lolipop and candy in a mustache-shaped tin container thing and she put the lolipop one to her lip and laughed (my mom told me later that when Jason [her manager] and the people in the back saw the mustaches they said “she really knows Miley”). And she said that she has mustache soap and guests in her house are weirded out hahahaha. She also said that earlier today, she almost got in trouble because she was trying to draw mustaches on the men’s bathroom signs hahahahahaha! So then she asked if we already got pictures and they said yes so we hugged AGAINNNN (you can probs guess that it was a long one again!) and I said “I love you” and she chuckled and said “I love you too” and I almost died right there and then I left. uhgW74EHG whtghnvAHSYfgiNIOgHVIUkntWRIUNCSEB OJTGV YT S5YJNMBHSDFGTHSRG. So by then I had been in there for about 5 minutes when everyone else only had 1 or 2. Oh yeah and before we got pictures, she signed Can’t Be Tamed and Miles to Go for me. (and she said XO in her signature and a heart in the other but she almost always does a heart haha) :D So we went into the other room again and waited for everyone to be done, which seemed like it went by pretty fast. Then we were gonna get to watch them rehearse 2 or 3 songs (she just took a break to meet us)!!!!!! My mom, sister and I were right by the door so we were like the first ones to follow the lady and go down to where the rehearsals were. When we got down there, the guy who interviewed us and told Miley to open the present saw us and put us in the front row of chairs right in the center! The room wasn’t even that big, it was probably like 10 or 20 times the size of a normal hotel room…I don’t really know. But the set was amazing! I don’t think I’m supposed to tell details about that because no pictures or videos or anything were allowed for the rehearsal part. But it was so cool and just uhgISEigw. And Miley was standing in the back talking to her dancers and crew!!!!! So there were like 30 fold up chairs RIGHT in front of where they were performing for us to sit in (remember I was the closest seat there was Hsgiy WEIUtgUB!!!!!!!) and behind our seats were a few couches that the dancers and crew were sitting on just talking and there was one guy who was a dancer who looked just like Justin Gaston but I’m prettty sure it wasn’t him but he was holding Lila!!!!!!! And that same guy from the interview came over and said look at that dog he’s holding and I was like that’s sooo cute! He asked me what her name was because he knew I’d know and I said Lila, so he went over and got the dog and brought her over to my mom and I and she had on a little pink bow and was ADORABLE so I got to pet her then he brought her back to the Justin looking guy! Ok then when the rehearsals started, I was AMAZED at how close I was from Miley. Like not even funny. I WAS LIKE 6 FREAKING FEET AWAY FROM HER FOR HALF OF THE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!! And instead of playing 2-3 songs, they played 10!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS A FULL ON FREAKING CONCERT 6 FEET AWAY FROM MY FACE. They sang songs from Can’t Be Tamed and a few older ones and she also did a cover of Landslide by Stevie Nicks. It was the BEST song I’ve ever heard her sing in my life. The vocals were absolutely perfect and her voice just naturally fits that song SO well! Okay then aside from meeting her, the best part was that she kept looking directly at me and smiling and at one point, she looked at me, smiled, and pointed at me and did a half-wink type thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY FREAKING MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I started to cry (almost) again and I put my head down on my lap just completelyyyyyyyyy freaking out and when I looked up again she was STILL pointing and smiling at me and she just smiled bigger like kind of making fun of me for almost dying AGYISFUBAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WAS ABOUT TO DIE RIGHT THEN AND THERE. AND THEN THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE REHEARSAL SHE LOOKED AT ME A FEW TIMES AND SMILED LIKE WE JUST HAD A CONNECTION HAHAHAHAHA. THAT SOUNDS WEIRD BUT SERIOUSLY. And then after all the songs, we left. And I’m about to die just typing this and like reliving it. So that day, I was officially made the happiest girl that’s ever lived in this universe. And I don’t know what else to say. Oh yeah, she smells really good and I told her that and she laughed and said thank you (when I met her) and she smells a lot different than I thought she would and she’s shorter than I thought, like only 5”4 or something. By the way, even though it’s not even possible, it made me love her 100000x more. And they said that after today, she’s granted 122 wishes. ohmyGod. I really want to thank Make-a-Wish because they made all of this possible and none of it would’ve happened without them. It was the experience of a lifetime, I can’t even put it into words. I also want to thank God because everything that happened to me was an answer to my prayers. “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” And of course Miley because without her, I probably wouldn’t be alive. I love Miley more than anything. She has changed my life beyond belief. She’s a true inspiration and role model and she makes my life worth living. All of this has taught me something that I honestly didn’t believe before, which is that dreams do come true. I love you, Miley.♥

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