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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What the gossip mags are saying

HOLLYWOOD is filled with vampires! Not the fey sparkly type found in the Twilight soap operas, but real blood-sucking immortal creatures of the night. And Who magazine has proof.
After a Seattle antiques dealer spotted ''Nicolas Cage'' in a US Civil War photo (and offered it for sale for $1 million), Who researchers went through pics from the era and found ''an army of soldiers'': Joshua Jackson, Jerry O'Connell and Matthew McConaughey.
It must be true because it's all run with an ''editorial promise'' that nothing is made up. As oddball as that is, it's a welcome relief from what appears to be Maternity Week.

OK starts with Jessica Alba and new daughter Haven(yes, Haven). Inside, the trend continues with Kate Hudson's son Bingham and Rodger Corser showing off son Budd.
Set to pop theirs out next, so Famous would have us believe, are Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian.
Who adds Jennifer Aniston, noting she's been seen with boyfriend Justin ''Not Brad'' Theroux buying kitchenware!
NW points out Miley Cyrus was spotted running with her hand over her belly while wearing a maxi dress that did ''not restrict her tummy at all'', so that's as good as confirming she is expecting, and rounding things out is former Mr Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, with baby Jordan.
It's enough to make the vampire story seem perfectly readable.


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