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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

@StarkeyHearing's new blog about going to Haiti with @mileycyrus

We went to Clinton Global Initiative September 19th thru 22nd. It was a very successful meeting for The Starkey Hearing Foundation. Once again it was a whirlwind of amazing people trying to do good work around the world. Sister Rosemary was there from Uganda.  Bill, Brady and I introduced her to as many influential people as we could, including Forrester Whittaker, Margaret Albright, Toyota Foundation and even Donna Karen—who is going to buy purses made at Sister’s compound.
At the end of the meeting she ended up with better seats than ours yet we sponsored the meeting!  She is a rock star in this arena, a champion for her cause—as Bill is to ours.  They’re kindred spirits, these two. We came back home to Starkey Family Technology meetings, birthdays and no down time!

Haiti, with Miley Cyrus
We headed to Haiti on Oct. 2nd, picking up Miley Cyrus and her team in Nashville on the way. She bought this mission at our Gala live auction, plus she personally wanted to go back with us. This young woman with the world at her feet and her feet grounded, was excited about sharing the mission experience she had last February with her family and friends. It was HOT! Hotter than I have ever experienced (and I have been to Vietnam in August!).

At first I thought Miley would never last because of the extreme environment. But Miley was there from the first child to the last. She liked the anonymity—there, she was just Miley, herself, helping another human being with a step up in the world.

Spreading Good
We traveled outside of Port Au Prince, north for a school opening and community development project we help sponsor in Luly with the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly. He was excited about our filming and new message of spreading a “good virus” in the countries we go. There is so much good in the world, people helping people but all we hear is the negative and bad news. We want to share the good news through our missions and mission partners like Miley and Worldwide Village.
The amazing people we meet along the way keep us going and coming back! Like the six deaf bakers—now they all hear! Like Little Emmanuel, 5 years old, who is definitely going to own his own business someday! The human spirit is alive and well!

Back Home
We came back to Minneapolis to another class on Thursday night—75 fittings, done at midnight. Bill got home at 1:45 am (it was the first time ever he left imp boxes on his work bench—and the world did not come to an end!). I am writing this on Friday night Oct 7th, we will have class tomorrow then 250 customers come to the house at 6pm then we leave for Honduras at 7pm to help 2000 people that have been waiting a long time for us!
Purpose Driven Life indeed! It’s a good one!


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