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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poll of the Day: Is Miley Cyrus a Hero?

First, Miley Cyrus' anthem "Party in the USA" became the de facto Osama bin Laden funeral song. Now, months later, the singer has taken her pop ballad to Haiti, where she's brought the youth of the impoverished nation together through song! Put the two moments together, and we can only wonder if this pop star's become a hero.
But first, last week's poll: Presumably curious to see how on earth a couple could spend $20 million on their nuptials, 63 percent of Zimbio readers felt compelled to tune in to Kim Kardashian's Fairtyale Wedding last night. Even though the actual event went down nearly two months ago, the majority of you still wanted to watch for a chance to see Lindsay Lohan take tequila shots with Ryan Seacrest, or other thrilling moments that could feasibly occur this evening as the two-night spectacular continues on E!.

But back to Cyrus and her possible heroics. At the time of bin Laden's death, Americans flooded the streets in celebration, chanting and lighting off illegal fireworks in celebration. Then there were those who passed on the fresh air and opted for a more lazy, 21st century-like forum: the comments section of Cyrus' "Party in the USA" YouTube page.

No, it didn't make total sense. But when you read comments like "OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD. party in da usa guyz," it was hard not to feel patriotic. Hearing the star sing about Britney Spears, taxi cabs, excess, and cardigans, we wondered if Cyrus had become a modern day Bruce Springsteen, just with a lot less denim, grit, and lyrical talent.

Now, as video emerges of the Nashville girl singing "Party in the USA" with a group of poverty-stricken Haitian children, we wonder if Hannah Montana has transcended pop stardom and reached a new level of excellence.


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