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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Interview of Miley Cyrus with Yahoo

Growing up fast, Miley Cyrus, 19, stars in LOL, a coming-of-age romantic comedy opposite British actor, and Burberry model, Douglas Booth, as well as Hollywood legend, Demi Moore, who plays her mother.

In real life, the Tennessee-born popstar-actress is going out with Australia’s Liam Hemsworth (Hunger Games) and she chats a little about him, as well as her onscreen boyfriend and preparing for their sex scenes. She also talks candidly about growing up in the public eye, and the need to have a safe haven for her and Liam away from prying eyes.

Q: You went to school until you what age?
Until 6th grade and then I moved here to LA.

Q: Do you think you avoided some of life’s dramas by not attending regular school?
No. Anytime there was drama, instead of it being on Facebook it was the cover of AOL, Google or whatever it was. I think people relate and teenagers can relate to me more than they actually think. Just because I wasn’t at school doesn’t mean I didn’t get my heart broken and meet people and figure out what love is and friends betraying you and bullies and mean girls and the girl you’re jealous of, the popular girl. That all still happens no matter what, no matter where you’re experiencing it.

Q: When you watch teenage dramas from the 80s and 90s does this movie remind you of any of them?
I think it reminds me so much of Sixteen Candles. Like, every time I see that, my mom is like, ‘This is what it reminds me of.’ It’s one of those kinds of classic movies. I think that is what makes it so interesting. I don’t really feel like there’s been a film like this besides Mean Girls. But even Mean Girls is a little more drama exaggerated. This is, like, real.
Q: I think it portrays very well what teenagers go through nowadays or any days.
Any day yeah. Now with like the internet makes it so much harder.
Q: It makes it harder but yet again it’s supporting it as well because you have a lot of information at hand where you had to have your sex talk with your mom.
Right exactly.
Q: You have other sources now where you can find your information.
Yeah. My mom is connected with a lot of her friends from high school on Facebook or whatever. I think that use of it is really great and being able to connect with people. It’s like we’re more connected than we ever have been but we’re more disconnected than we ever have been, if that makes any sense. It’s like you’re on the phone or Tweeting instead of being with the person right there but you’re maybe connecting with someone that you wouldn’t have connected with before if you hadn’t got online. It’s like, so weird. You’re not present. That’s the problem I feel. It’s really more about the status updates than anything.
Q: You have so many Twitter and Facebook followers. It’s amazing. I went on your Twitter site and wow, my goodness.
It’s really good to have Twitter for me for work. It’s really nice so I can say, ‘Hey I’m working with this producer, I’m interested in this film.’ Whatever. That is really great to be able to do that but other than that it’s hard because I don’t put up where I am or really what I’m doing at the time, like, am with my family and my dog – otherwise it can kind of become like you lose reality and you lose any bit of privacy.
Q: Yeah that’s very much true. What did your parents not tolerate while you were growing up?
I barely ever heard my mom cuss. My mom is the sweetest lady ever. She spells the word crap. My mom is so sweet. That was her thing that she really hated. Like when you first start hearing cuss words and you start saying them – I remember like one time I think I called my sister a bitch for the first time. I was done. I was locked in my room, my mouth washed out with soap, everything. I was like, “Mom she is. That’s what she is. She’s a bitch.” I was like in so much trouble. I’ll never forget the first time I did that. I got in so much trouble. That was kind of the thing that my mom was like really mad about. My dad, I think he probably wouldn’t say it but he might have thought it was a little funny. Like a little kid hearing it and then saying it. That was like the one thing that my mom – and my mom is really weird with TV. My dad would always let us watch The Simpsons. We would stay up all night and watching Cartoon Network with my dad and she hated it. She just thought everything – even Tom & Jerry was too violent. My mom hated it. My dad would always let us watch any cartoon that we wanted. My mom was really weird with TV. We didn’t really watch a lot of TV. She’s like, ‘I don’t want to see the commercials. I don’t want you guys being sold on everything like so young.’ If you watch Nickelodeon or whatever there is like all the commercials for every kind of game and dolls. She just didn’t really want it.

Q: And then you work for Disney.
Luckily we don’t have commercials selling anything. That was actually the one thing. I mean they sell their TV shows or whatever, but they don’t merchandise on TV. That was the one thing. Then I became the biggest franchise ever. But my mom was like really weird with TV. She’s not good about it.
Q: Would you ask a boy out how it was in the movie? Would you make the first move?
I think, you know, whatever. I’m probably more gutsy than any guy. I think I have probably. I think I actually asked my boyfriend out like the first time. I did. He was like, ‘Wow. She’s like coming on strong.’ He tells me that now but I don’t even remember that. I don’t remember, like, even doing that but, whatever, it works. Three years later it’s all good. I think I asked him out first.
Q: You guys look very happy.
Yeah. I did a good job. My grandma actually was the one that was like, “He is so cute. He reminds me of the guys that I used to write letters to like back in the day in war.” I’m like, “Heck yeah.” He is really cute. Even my grandma thinks he’s a hottie.
Q: I just interviewed him for Hunger Games. He’s a cool guy.
Yeah. He’s really awesome.
Q: You’re a pretty couple.
Thank you.
Q: About the first time is one of the biggest issues in teenagers anyway. Does the first time make you a woman? What else makes you a woman if that is not the only thing?
I think it does change you as a person a little bit because in a way you start thinking maybe that’s like what guys want from you a little bit. You start feeling things differently as a woman, when you’re looked at differently and whatever. I think it is a big part of growing up because it opens a whole new connection and heartbreak.
Q: Which musician did you have a crush on as you were growing up?
Mine were like really weird. Mine were people like… weird…but George Strait – you know George Strait’s music? Do you know George Strait? He’s country. He wears like the biggest cowboy hat. He’s cheesy but he was like the love of my life. Like every morning to school I would listen to George Strait. I loved him so much. It was like me and my nanny because she was, like, 60. She loved him too. We would just like sit there and swoon over like he was amazing. He was one of my first big crushes. And then I had a crush on this kid that obviously like everyone did from Hansen. That was like my first concert. I just thought they were the most talented group alive. That was like one of my big crushes too. Me and my sister stopped and stood outside the tour bus.
Q: Do you think that growing up famous took away from your normal teenager experience?
I think in a sense it’s like you can’t do anything without people commenting or people saying whatever they feel like you did wrong or whatever and pointing the finger at you. I just feel like that’s something that changed growing up a little bit. I didn’t really let it change. I never really cared to say, like I’m perfect. I never really wanted to be. That was never my shtick. That wasn’t my selling point, because I want people to like me for me. I think my true fans really do still feel that way.
Q: How was working with Demi Moore? What advice did she give you?
I was so inspired by working with her. One thing that she did that I really loved was when she – a few years ago when she first started having a baby – she went away and lived on a farm and spent time away because she just wanted to raise her family and raise them somewhere other than LA which is later down the line that’s something that is really important to me. I don’t necessarily want to ever have a family here and grow up here. It’s scary out there. It’s a war zone. She kind of told me that’s what she did. So when I got home, I got a little puppy dog and I bought a house and I moved out and I just wanted to stay there in my own sanctuary and make it a place that I don’t have to leave besides to go to the grocery store and that’s about it. I have now four dogs. I love being home with my pets. I don’t really want to leave. She really taught me to have that place, have that one place that’s yours. That no one can come on there. That’s your space. It’s beautiful being able to have a place. It’s like now especially with Liam going through what he’s going through with Hunger Games, it’s like we both have somewhere that is like our own little piece of heaven. It’s like no one can come here. No one can talk about us. No one can judge us. This is like for whatever we want to do and whoever we want to be with and each other. It’s nice. That was something I really learned from her.
Q: Very cool. It’s a refuge that you need. Everybody needs their own space.
Everybody does. I was kind of telling someone about it earlier was that even animals are like that, that’s why lions have a den. I was kind of explaining it to him like they’re the fiercest of them all but even then they go back and they protect their babies and they go into the den and that is like their safe zone. Everyone needs to have that. Me and Demi always say that. That’s who we are. We go out and we act like we’re the strongest ones in the jungle but at the end of the day, you’ve got to go and have that little safe haven.
Q: How did you prepare for the rather intimate scenes? Mint, mood music…
Mint, little crunches, go get a spray tan, all that jazz. Do workouts, make your boobs look bigger, perk them up, wear like four bras. It was actually funny because I wasn’t sure that scene was actually coming up. This was the first scene Douglas and I shot together. First day it was like, here is the sex scene.
Q: Right away?
Yeah. First day. I forgot to shave my legs. I was in the trailer and I was like, “Give me a razor.” I have no idea. It was actually really funny like having someone lie with the camera and being like, “Okay put your leg in your hand. Can we see movement?” You’re like, ‘Oh my God.’
Q: Did you know each other before?
No. It was four days. We hung out. The first night we all went to dinner. We ended up hanging out until like four or five in the morning. They actually let us keep the hotel area. It was kind of like bar-restaurant kind of thing. They let us keep it open so we could have a party and people wouldn’t complain upstairs. We wanted one night where we could all hang out at least and get to know each other rather than just going into party scenes and never having spent any time. We ended up randomly meeting this Detroit rapper. He came in rapping and we were all having the best time listening to the music. It was really great but that was only hangout and then we got there that day and they’re like, ‘Okay. Sex scene first.’ We were like, ‘Alright. Sweet. Great.’
Q: Nice. Now kiss please.
Yeah, you’re like first day. This job ain’t so bad because this could be worse.
Q: Douglas is so cute. He’s so pretty. I love his lips.
I’m like, ‘Dude if you put a wig on, you’d be the hottest girl in life.’
Q: He’s so hot.
Yeah. He’s gorgeous. He’s like one of the coolest dudes ever. He’s really funny. We always called him princess because he had like this – it’s like anywhere like anyone with an accent but he has like a very posh English accent. It seems like old Shakespeare or something. We went out on these really crappy jet skis one day and he’s like, ‘This is no St. Barts.’ I’m like whatever. I’m like “You princess. You’ve been living in London way too long.’ He likes comes in and we’re going on a boat, he’s got like his shirt tucked in perfectly and everything. How do you look perfect? We’re all like sweaty and gross and like laying out and you like coming here and looking like a perfect model which you are. We always called him princess. It was hilarious.
Q: Yeah that’s true. He has been modeling for Burberry.
Yeah. He always like came in, in full Burberry outfits. I’m like, damn you. Give me some slack. Come on.
Q: Has a boyfriend ever cheated on you?
Let me think that. Maybe but not that I know of. I’m sure. I just feel like I would always maybe know though, but I don’t know. That chick better watch out if I ever found out. I don’t know. Not that I know of but I’m sure.
Q: What do you think is the message of the movie for teenagers?
Always remember that you’re growing up and that growing up means you’ll make some mistakes. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t even think of it as a mistake. Think of it as an experience. It’s like having a little scar. It’s good. It gives you character. Then when you’re older and you have kids or whatever, remember to understand and to remember what you felt then.
Q: I like your rings.
It says on the inside – it’s engraved. It says, “Liam” for Liam across it. He got them for me.

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