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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miley Cyrus Defends Weight Girls Around The World

Miley Cyrus was picked apart by several media outlets on Thursday for her “fuller figure” which is basically their nice way of saying that she’s gained weight. The teen queen was spotted wearing a shawl of some sort and the camera caught her looking less than flattering… and you know what that means… insulting headlines.
Miley Cyrus took to her Twitter account on Friday night to stick up for herself and for girls around the world. “By calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. I love MYSELF and if you could say the same,” Miley tweeted along with a photo of a sickly thin female.
The singer is absolutely correct, and she had every right to call out the media. She has a slammin’ body and as much as you may have thought she looked “heavier” in those photos, she probably hasn’t gained one pound. With all the years that have gone by, you’d think that people would stop noticing weight loss and gain and focus on the talent that is out there. The media is obsessed with the superficial, and it’s literally killing people.
In related news: Miley was asked by NOH8 Campaign to do a photoshoot for them! She tweeted she’d love to do it so we can’t wait to see! There’s a photoshopped NOH8 picture of Miley already which you can see above, it looks great (even though the original photo is Kim Kardashian) so the real photoshoot of Miley will look even better! ;)

 Credits  To: MileyOnline

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